Wednesday, September 15, 2010

another quilted bag for quick satisfaction

I find it easy to do just a little sewing project.
The little ones are so rewarding.

Doing a whole quilt or other large project takes a long time and isn't a quick satisfaction for me.
So while I am working on the quilting of this Monkey quilt, and finishing up the very last two cushions for this patio set, I decided to take a break and make another bag for a quick fix.

Canvas quilted purse

front of quilted purse

I like the way the idea in my head ended up in real life, it was exactly what I imagined.
A small bag = a quick fix for satisfaction.
It measures about 10" wide, 9" high and 3" thick.
The outer bag is made of cotton canvas. The inner is a brown cotton, I think, Joel Dewberry Baskets from Manazanita, and the outer prints are Denyse Schmidt, Katie Jump rope.

Quilted bag

The inside has a zipper pocket and a slip pocket on the opposite side.
The back has a few raw edge circles to break up the plain color.
I ran out of creativity towards the end though and couldn't think of what to do with the flap closure so it isn't so plain. Any Ideas?

canvas purse inside pockets

canvas purse back

The Monkey quilt is half way quilted. It will have to wait for my machine to be serviced...again, or I make another trip to use my mother in laws.
I wanted to do something different than straight line quilting so I did what tall grass prairie studio calls "organic line quilting".
There is pretty much no messing up on this method so that is very enticing.


  1. Great bag. Congratulations on such a fabulous choice of fabrics and design.

  2. Great bag. Congratulations on such a fabulous choice of fabrics and design.

  3. I love how you take a break from creating incredible things and just whip out an awesome bag like this. Just so you know, if you put that bag in your etsy shop, I know a certain girl who would snatch it up in a second :)

  4. I like the colors and pattern that you chose for this bag.