Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a problem in my dining room

and it looks something like this mess:

We used to have dinner in here every night once long ago.

Yes, there is a table under there. Good thing we also have a table in our kitchen so we have somewhere to eat.

I am usually a neat freak at making it look tidy when I am not sewing something. I just have no where to hide the machines. They usually get put on the floor in the corner of the room and are still in view, which I hate, but I have nowhere else in my home to sew at this time.

My solution: a buffet or side table for my dining room to hide my sewing clutter.
I have seriously been on the look out for so long now for the perfect one and I know exactly what it needs to have. First the size counts in the small space I have to put it.
(It would go on the other wall not show in my pictures.)

I want it to have two doors that will house each of my machines like so.

I want drawers on the top, they are perfect for holding a few sewing objects, but one for sure would be used to store the table placemats and cloth napkins.

We are not wine drinkers so the center panel would be more useful with drawers going all the way down like this one. I love this one!

Do you have solutions for you sewing mess for small spaces?
Please share, I would love to hear them, and see them, if you post about it on your blog, share it with me in the comments. Please help a girl out.


  1. What about a simple painted bookshelf that you use for storing the machines? You can make simple fabric covers for your machines to coordinate. LOL, I say all this as a new sewer.

  2. yes, Thankyou! but still the shelves are open. I am looking to hide everything
    (or at least my husband is :)

  3. I don't have a solution for you but wanted to say that I'm in a similar boat. My sewing supplies are like little nomads, wandering around the house with nowhere to call home. And because i have little kids, things like pins and scissors and the rotary cutter are always being randomly stashed in odd places like on top of the fridge or on a high bookshelf. I long for a designated place for everything!

  4. No suggestions...sorry. I'm just happy to see another dining room that looks like mine!

  5. I love that 2nd photo of the buffet. What a perfect solution! I think I might just keep this idea in the back of my head for future use when I loose my sewing/preschool room. But for now I plan on putting all 4 kids in the same room. I have no idea what I would do with all my preschool stuff (I just bought and re-finished two old school desks). Sharing a room is good for them; I shared with several siblings (including you!)