Saturday, July 10, 2010

denyse schmidt quilted pillow kit

I found this little kit for a couple dollars and I couldn't pass it up as I love Denyse Schmidt's style.
It was brand new and it included the fabric for the pillow on the cover, yellow and turquoise. I just had to add muslin and batting scraps.
It also includes 15 quilting projects on little instruction cards to complete.

wonky log cabin toss pillow

My pillow turned out to be 11 1/2" square. The back is an envelope style out of the turquoise solid.
Denyse Schmidt quilted pillow

Simple quilting in the ditch with my walking foot made this already simple pillow project even easier.
Denyse Schmidt throw pillow

The only thing that was a bit annoying about this little kit was the patterns are 50% of the original size and you are supposed to enlarge them to 200%. The large pieces on this pillow were a pain to get just right on my scanner/printer they kept cutting off the top or bottom. I had to do it in two pieces and tape them together in the center.
It would have been much nicer if the pattern pieces were regular size to begin with.
I'm not excited about doing the other pattern enlargements for other projects.

I have heard that the projects in the kit are mostly all in This book as well.

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