Tuesday, June 29, 2010

window casing, chair rail, & base boards

This room is taking shape slowly. It's fun to see the transformation.
My husband has been adding to his tools with his most recent being a miter saw. He has been so busy at his real job that he was just now able to get it out of the packaging and have fun with it.

So here is a quick show of the transformations so far.
This is what is was like when we bought our house a couple years ago. Walls are painted white (a dirty yellow tinge white) along with the whole house, the window is aluminum one pain glass. The carpet is new and a neutral color. The baseboards are thin and generic. There is no central light on the ceiling, you could only plug in a lamp to the outlet that is wired to the light switch, Why people ever thought that was a good idea baffles me.

Before we moved in we painted the walls a grass green. Haaahaa, I'm not sure why I thought this would be a good idea, maybe being in apartments for so long with white walls I wanted to have at it. I really did have a reason to paint it green in the first place though, to match his quilt, see HERE.

We added a plain white ceiling fan/light soon after we moved in because it is a necessity where we live. We also added new energy efficient windows to the house last year and still hadn't gotten around to finishing the inner edges of them. See HERE for the kind of windows we got and how we installed them easily.

Now this last week we tackled the next step in completing the room. By painting the walls with white primer we were guaranteed the green would be gone for good and not try to bleed through.

We painted the top half of the room a light blue and the bottom half a darker blue. To separate the two colors, we added a chair rail. We added wider baseboards. Then to finish off the window my husband added casing to it and matching casing around the door. All the trim still needs to be finished and painted, if you look closely you can still see where the finishing nail holes were patched with wood filler and sanded.

This is the first time my husband has had the opportunity to do trim work and he had a lot of fun doing it. We love to see the difference it makes and I know this is only the beginning.

Next we plan to build some practical shelving in the closet and add new furniture.


  1. I am totally a trim gal and am ALWAYS amazed how it transforms a room. The room is totally taking shape! The soft blue is very calming.

  2. That looks incredible! You should have called us - we would have helped you paint! I can't wait to see it all together with the furniture and everything.

  3. The room looks great! I live in an apartment and would love to add some paint!

  4. wow!
    I love it!!!
    I want to come visit. I miss you.