Monday, June 7, 2010

the ups man delivers rolls of fabric again

Two packages were delivered by my UPS man today. He stopped by right before I got home so I didn't get to answer the door and see his face. He must think I'm the crazy fabric lady because the fabric comes on big rolls wrapped in clear plastic.

fabric delivery

I get the best deals from I have been planning a big project for months now so I have kept my eyes open for a great deal on fabric. I would check quite frequently to see if what I wanted was on sale. Yep, it took that long and I was beginning to think I would have to pay full price, but no way was I going to do that either because this fabric is outdoor fabric so it would have cost about $15 a yard.
My waiting paid off and I ended paying way under $6/yd for it and I used a coupon on top of that for 30% off plus free shipping.

The only thing about the fabric I am not too happy about is the two large rolls of the flower fabric. I ordered about 11 yards of it and they contacted me telling me it was not all on one continuous piece. I wanted this fabric so I said to send it anyway and I would work around it. Hopefully it will not cause major problems, but if I figured correctly it will be OK, lets just hope I figured correctly...
I was pleasantly surprised though that they included a generous coupon for my next fabric purchase to make up for the inconvenience .

The second package I got was this:
It reminds me of some sort of egg sack (yuck)
6 foam cushions shrink wrapped

This plastic sack was delivered in a box the same size. The sack was shrink wrapped so tightly.
foam cushions shrink wrapped

I unwrapped the plastic wrap from the sack and found an airtight bag tied in a knot at the top. Can you tell what it is yet?
foam cushions in air tight bag

Inside was six 6" thick foam cushions. These are big cushions and six of them all fit in this bag. This picture is less than five seconds after I opened the seal and the air filled the bag. They expanded that fast. When I ordered them it said to open the package right away as the cushions needed air to regain their shape. The way they were packed was good for shipping but it would only be good to keep them that way for the few days it took to ship.
6" thick foam cushions expanding

The foam came from I had searched all over the internet for a good price on foam and with a 50% off from Joanns I could only get 5" thick and I needed 6" thick. Another blogger mentioned this place and I found exactly what I needed for a the best price. Shipping is also free if you order over $75.

Here are the cushions all expanded and full of shape sitting next to the fabric that will soon dress them up. I'll share the finished product later this month. I'm so excited!
foam cushions and fabric


  1. I bet I know what you are making. I was just thinking about it the other day when I saw something on sale. Maybe I should be motivated by you and finish my big project I've had the supplies for for months--a couch slip cover.

  2. I can't wait to see the next set of pictures!