Tuesday, May 11, 2010

string quilt blocks

After a month of sewing myself some Spring shirts, I decided today I would sew some quilt blocks.

I received motivation from participating in Made By Rae's Spring Top challenge last month. I need to sew for me more. I do sew for me, but clothes are really not that hard to sew. I always avoided making clothes for me unless it was a skirt or PJ pants. I have enough PJ pants to last me who knows how long so I have no reason to keep making them.
So shirts, I avoided because I couldn't get them to fit right, and wasn't willing to put in the time and effort to make a muslin pattern first and then perfect the pattern so I just stopped right there, never made tops.

For the Spring Top challenge I made 5 tops to enter. 4 that I will actually wear and Love, sorry but there was one top that didn't quite make my closet, after a few days of looking at it I just couldn't bring myself to wear it a second day. That proves why I didn't sew shirts for me...

But 4 out of 5 is not bad. One of those I made actually made it to the final reader popular vote, which I took 4th place out of 5. Not bad, so 4th place out of 158 or so total tops, I'm pretty proud.
It must have been a lot of work for Rae, boy I don't envy all that organizing, and I hope she knows that it was and enjoyable event.
I will definitely be spending more time making me more shirts and I have the fabric purchased for proof.
Stay Tuned...

Anyway, onto the quilt blocks.
For my local Modern Quilt Guild, we are helping a member finish a string quilt she started for the CPS. They give the quilts to children they remove from their homes. I Love this idea. I would love to make even more quilts for this purpose.
This is the first string quilt blocks I have ever done and I love them. I can see myself getting addicted to them quite easily. I love how they are just scraps from my stash, no larger pieces of fabric even need to be cut into.

Here is the untrimmed block.
sting quilt block

Here is the back before trimming as well.
The paper used to sew for the pattern was 9" X 9".
paper back string quilt block

The idea was to use black on white fabric centers to keep it uniform and then add a little piece of white on black on each side to make the black and white show amongst the colors.
string quilt block

All four 9" put together. I see the black and white centers and realized I should have switched out that one odd center to match the others. Woops, It was the black strip that I brought home from the meeting. The other striped black and white is from my stash.
string  quilt blocks


  1. Your blocks are great, I can't wait to see what the quilt looks like. I say leave the black strip -- the serendipity is fun.
    Congrats on making it to the top of the top list! love, Sam

  2. I am facinated by string quilts lately. They just seem like so much work, but I LOVE the look. And what a great cause to support, too.

  3. I love your top, well done in making it to the top 5 :)

  4. awesome! I am a novice (very novice) quiler and I had no idea you could put together blocks that way. I love it.