Monday, May 3, 2010

do you compost SUN chip bags?

This is what I have to compost with, a black thing with holes in it. I've had it about 2 years. It can be made smaller or larger by moving the butterfly screws. It seems to be made of something I would compare to old recycled tires, it's pretty thick and stands up alone. I live in a desert so I cover the top with a large piece of cardboard to keep it from drying out. I have used a plastic bag but find that it blows away with every bit of wind, even if I tried to attach it.

The bin is about as tall as my waist. and I have it approximately 3 ft in diameter. It's tucked away on the side of our house that we never go to. That is where our garden will go, maybe by this fall. Lucky thing about where I live, somethings can grow year round.

This weekend I went out to "turn" the pile and add some Sun chip packages to compost. I had rich dark soil. I no longer had banana peels or lettuce leaves and I saw a lot of worms after my son pointed them out. I was so excited to see it really working. Good job worms. I held the compost in my hand and smelled it, it was yummy, just like dirt should smell like. I can't wait ot use it in my garden and plants. Compost doesn't stink if you do it right either, keep all the food "green" scraps covered with "browns" and it keeps the flies away too.

We eat a ton of Sun chips, they are in my healthy chip category and we love them.
Have you heard the bags are advertising the first 100% compostable bag? I have been saving up bags for months now to add them to my compost, I added about 7 bags total this weekend for my experiment.

See the bags buried with leaves? There is also other food scraps under there with them. Come back in about 13 weeks to see if they are gone and turned into rich dark soil.

In my kitchen I use a stainless steel container that is about 10" tall with a lid to keep my kitchen scraps in. When it gets full, as you can see the lid won't shut, it's time to take it out to the black bin. The lid on the silver container keeps flies from being attracted to the scraps and the smell from getting out of control. It doesn't seem to be a problem if I empty it every evening.

Most times I cut my banana peels and other food scraps down into small pieces, but this time I just shoved the whole peel in. The smaller the pieces the faster they break down into compost.

I feel good about not throwing my scraps in the garbage when I know they can be used again and it is a good feeling to see the progress in dark brown compost.

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  1. very cool Edith. You inspire me.
    Where did you get your compost bin?
    I think I can get one here from the city when I attend a class. I'd LOVE to. I need to make time to do that. Perhaps I will, if and when we ever grow a garden. sigh.