Thursday, May 20, 2010

cooking in an apron

I have a favorite apron that my grandma made me when I got married (well she made it for my husband actually, love her thinking, for him to cook *hint hint*) but I wear it all the time. It's a nice thick ticking fabric that holds up to all my wiping and washings.
I wear an apron when ever I cook so I can wipe and keep my clothes clean. I also love being able to just throw the apron in the washer with the kitchen towels and rags.

I wanted another apron so I made me one out of some quilting fabric, I thought that would be nice and pretty. I was not happy though after washing it once. It wrinkled and the straps to tie it with were one big wrinkled mess and I was not going to iron that every time it needed washed. So I scrapped it and made a mental note *quilting fabric is no good for aprons.

Then I made another attempt, sticking with what works by using ticking. This fabric is the best. I added a few girly ruffles and pockets with cute fabric, this is not for the husband obviously, and I love it.

I made a couple more aprons for my shop. They are pretty simple, nothing too fancy or frilly, but nice and thick and they get the job done, keeping you clean, with a little feminine touch.

The first one has vintage flower print ruffles and fully lined rounded pockets.
Find it HERE.

The second apron has an Apples and Pears ruffle and appliques on the front pockets.
It can be seen HERE.

Both aprons have the same style in the back. Ties at waist and adjustable neck strap.


  1. I love it! That totally makes sense to use a sturdier material like ticking. I have always wondered about how they hold up when people make them out of quilting cotton. My mother-in-law makes great ones out of cotton, but she sews a hand towel to the front from the waistband, so you can wipe your hands on that. I do like that one. Yours is great! I am tempted to make one now!

  2. I like the idea to give the husband-to-be an apron! Fantastic job with your apron, keep up the great work!

  3. Seriously LOVE this. I love the ruffled pockets and the ticking...what a beautiful combination!

  4. The cooking aprons are very nice and cute. Good informative blog.