Thursday, April 29, 2010

two last spring tops_help me out

Have you had enough of my Spring tops yet?
These are the last two. I can only enter one more shirt. I am not sure which one of these to enter into the Spring Top Challenge from Made By Rae. Both these are pretty simple, because that is my style and I wanted to make what I would wear. So who knows, they may not even be a serious competitor against other fancy entries.
Tomorrow is the last day to enter. So help me out.

Tell me:
what one you like best?
what one you would try on in the store?
what one you would buy at the store?
what one looks less homemade?
what one is more original and creative?
what one you would vote for?
or if you hate them both and think they are hideous, tell me!

flowers or yellow?

I think I would have entered both of these personally and left out one of my previous entries, I won't tell which one, but I should have waited to make these two before entering a certain not so cute shirt earlier.

So the first one is a copy from a Banana Republic dress. I made it from using the photo HERE.

The yellow fabric I used is a very thin sweater type fabric, with tiny holes all in a row. It reminds me of a vintage sweater but not a gross feel like some old clothes, anyway, here it is.

tie neck top_edith

It ties in a knot at the back shoulder.

shoulder tie

The other shirt is a copy of THIS favorite shirt again. It's the perfect shirt I tell you. The fabric is from the Liberty of London line from Target. I love how it has a slight crinkle feel to it and so it has the slightest stretch to it, otherwise it wouldn't work for this shirt.

liberty flowers shirt_edith

The neck band is a different print form the Liberty line. Here is a close up of the pink trim used down the center front and the sleeve seems.

pink trim at seems shirt


  1. I truly love them both, but I'd grab the flower one to wear. Neither of them look homemade. I don't know what shirt you are talking about, I've loved all your entries! My favorite is your first entry, the black striped. LOVE that one.

  2. I voted for your shirt for the final five. Just saw this yellow halter type shirt and LOVE it!!! Did you use a pattern? Or just wing it? I'd love to make one for myself.