Saturday, April 10, 2010

spring top: two

I have been wanting to copy one my favorite shirts for a long time and I finally did for my second top for Made By Rae's top week. The original shirt is so old, a vintage from a basement of a sister's friend's friend if I remember right... (not sure where the ' goes for plural in that one :) Anyway, the original is made of a thin polyester with the slightest bit of stretch. It is my perfect summer shirt! (and Spring shirt because I live in a desert) I just need more like it.

I love how the original shirt fabric is so random and odd.
Here is the original vintage inspiration:

original vintage polyester shirt

So for my second top, I found some knit fabric at Hancock that seemed just random enough for a new shirt.

knit T-shirt

knit shirt

Here is a close up of the center trim used and the double needle hem on the bottom. For knits I love to use the double needle, it is a must actually because it makes it look professional and it keeps it from stretching as you sew and also helps the thread stretch with the shirt as you wear it.

double hem on knit shirt


  1. Wow, awesome job! I love it so, so much!

  2. what did you use for the center trim piece?

  3. the vintage top came from the basement of a bridal shop where Angel used to work on University Ave in Provo. We found all sorts of great clothes there that we would wear disco skating.
    HAHA> I saw this post the other day and thought that top looked familiar but I didn't read the description until today and then I really had to laugh. Funny that you still have it :)

  4. I know!! Hahaa, I wondered if you would recognize it, then after reading it I wondered if you would know it was you. :)

  5. What a beautiful blog! And this top is just gorgeous. Good job!

  6. Of all the tops in the show, this is my FAVORITE!

  7. I absolutely love this shirt! What pattern did you use or did you make your own pattern?

  8. Michelle, I used a shirt I have as a guide and pattern.