Monday, March 15, 2010

sack lunching it & quilting it

I would love one of these. I love the fabric, and the design. I have no where in particular to take my sack lunch to, but maybe I could fake it, I could take this to the park with kid snacks and water, or I could pack my lunch and walk out back
5 feet to eat on the patio table.

Where would you take your lunch to if you had this?

Or This?

I was happy to find a Modern Quilt Guild near me. We had our first meeting last month. Very exciting to be with others in person who love fabric and the idea of Modern Quilting. There is a lot of talent in the group and we got to see each others quilts brought to share. The group is small, we had about 12 attend, and it's just perfect.
The Modern Quilt Guild

Click the image to find out what Modern Quilting means to many quilters.

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  1. Oh, I take a sack lunch to work each day and when I go to quilt shows, I pack a lunch to eat at the show (leaves more money for fabric and stuff).