Thursday, January 7, 2010

toy car travel mat

When I saw THIS I knew I had to make one for my baby E. He is all about anything with wheels and loves little hot wheel cars.
I knew this would be perfect to take with us in the car or to places we go that I need him to be content and play on the floor and not run around or be loud (like church).


I'm not one for following directions so I just cut and sewed without using the tutorial, but I still liked the look of Jill's. and used her image as a guide.
While I was at it I figured I would make a couple extra for my kids to give to cousins for Christmas. They picked out little cars to put in each one and Big E even helped by sewing a few seems. For one cousin, we made a train track instead of the road. He loves Thomas the train so we customized his for trains and on the front put the words "choo choo"

car mat

folded car mat

front car mat

toy car mat

all rolled up car mat

Here is another version of the car mat. They are bright and colorful.


  1. We love ours and are so lucky to benefit from your creativity!

  2. So cute. My little car lover loves his (thanks to his aunt for making it, and to another aunt for the idea : )