Sunday, January 10, 2010

nativity flannel board story

Another way to tell the Christmas story is with your flannel board.

Nativity flannel board story

I have had these images printed on paper for years now. I finally decided to trace them onto interfacing and use them as a flannel board story. I am not sure where I got the images, somewhere online, but being over 3 years now I'm sorry I can't give credit anywhere.

nativity flannel board story

Christmas flannel board story

flannel board story

Because I don't have my link anymore, here are a few nativity images that you could choose from if you want to do your own nativity:
The Children's Friend December 2002. Scroll down to page 41.

The Friend Magazine December 2004. Scroll down to page 43.

Templates of each nativity character to print.
Scroll down half way for the template listed to print.

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