Friday, January 22, 2010

italian lentil soup to warm up your evening

Continuing with my week of soups.
I found this recipe over a year ago and decided that another cooking option for lentils would be nice to have. I have very few recipes for them and so we don't eat them often enough, but I do love to have foods in our meals that offer many health benefits.


I made this last winter and it makes so much that there was plenty to freeze for another evening, seriously a Lot.

**My notes**
Mr.E didn't even complain very much that there wasn't any meat in it. Lentils are full of Good Things for our body.
I added more vegetables than the recipe says (carrots, celery and onions). I also used brown rice and not noodles. But I added more than the 1/2 cup that it says (I put about 3/4-1 cup rice). I didn't add more water or broth to compensate for the extra rice and it turned out fine as there is a lot of liquid still. I didn't add the optional half and half either at the end, I used whole milk instead.

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