Monday, January 4, 2010

creative ideas from 2009

I have so many bookmarked and saved craft and sewing ideas that I want to do. I have a few that I am so close to doing, close as in, most of the fabric paint and supplies are already bought and assembled together. But where is the finished project? I have yet to finish them.
I have been seeing a few lists of the top 10 crafts for 2009 on many blogs. I thought I would do a list for me of the things I want to do. I am sticking to the top 5 ideas that I am prepared to do in reality because I have the stuff already. So in no particular order here is my list of 5 creative ideas that I have come across in 2009 and plan to finish in 2010. Also, I'll add what still needs to be done by me to complete it.
Be sure to click the images for the links back to where I found them.

Chalkboard kitchen cabinet message board
I need a message board in my kitchen. But who wants every guest to read their grocery list or their kids chore lists? So for a hidden message board I'm going to paint the inside of one of my long pantry cabinet doors. The door is about 15 inches wide and 5 feet tall.
I have the paint and just need to sand and prime.


Halloween quilt
I saw this quilt not long ago on Cluck. Cluck. Sew. and kept it in my mind ever since. It can be used for any holiday in any color scheme. But I really liked the idea to use orange, black and red. I love the way the lines are angled. Click on the image below for more pictures of the finished quilt.
I need to go through my fabric and set aside the colors I want to use and get started at cutting the pieces. Halloween is still a while away, but I would love to finish early.

Family rules canvas
There are all sorts of fun rules that you can choose that will fit your family individually.
I have a some rules chosen. I need to get a canvas, and choose papers to use. I'm not sure if I will choose a canvas or a large piece of lightweight wood yet.

Wonky Pinwheel or Whirligigs quilt
This is one quilt I have had my eye on for quite some time. Amy did this is such cool colors, I love it.
I am making this one for a boy's twin size bed. I have the main fabric chosen and need to choose colors to go with it and a backing.
This is the way I will be making it HERE.

Twine and raffia Christmas trees
I didn't have time to make these for Christmas 2009, but I will by 2010. I love to decorate with Christmas trees and I love the way these turned out.
I have the twine and raffia and red berries, just need to pick up some cones and the fabric stiffener.

What are your craft favorites of the year? Have you listed them on your blog, I would love to see. (as if I need any more ideas...)

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