Friday, November 20, 2009

happy birthday banner

A month ago we had our annual sisters get together weekend.
There were 10 of us, two sister in laws, it was a lot of fun as usual.
For our craft this year, we made birthday banners.

Because I traveled from out of state I didn't have much room to bring my fabric scraps and sewing things, so I was happy to find that my sister in law already had some extra triangles sewn together from her play room. I loved the colors and patterns and they were exactly what I wanted. Blue, green, red, I love them all!

I added a few triangles on the ends with more bias tape and appliqued the letters on and ended up with a unisex Birthday banner.


  1. I love the colors and the quality! Someday I WILL make one of these!

  2. How fun. I loved hearing insights of your sisters visit. I have a friend that has 8 sisters. They rotate homes for projects that the host sister selects. Can be a craft or "to do" household maintenance project. But I've impressed how much fun they have and how much they get done when they all get together.

    And I loved your birthday banner project too!