Tuesday, November 3, 2009

autumn wreath

I didn't get out one decoration for Halloween, I was pretty lame during the October month. My husband even commented about the lack of decorations. Now I know it must be bad when he notices.
But on the night of Halloween, I did manage to get the Fall box down to get out the trick or treating bags for candy.
While the box was down I thought I might as well get some fall decorations out for November because it if my favorite time of the year to decorate.

I wanted something new and was sick of my past decorations.
So using what I had I made something new.

autumn wreath

I picked up a Styrofoam wreath from the craft store a month ago with intents to make something along the lines of this pine cone wreath. I even gathered up a big bag of pine cones but the wreath was not making itself. So I had a change of plans.

I still used the pine cones, but just a few.
I used two leaf garlands from my storage to wrap around.
I also used burlap to hang it up and now my front door is festive.

fall wreath


  1. very cute! I love how you used the burlap type ribbon to hang it!

  2. Lovely! I wouldn't mind something like that on my front door1 You should add one to your shop!

  3. LOVE LOVE how you hung it with the fat ribbon of burlap! It looks super.