Friday, October 30, 2009

dried pears

There had been talk of dried pears among my sisters and I realized I have never tried drying them before. With it being pear season, I found a great deal on fresh pears so I bought a bunch to dry.
I now have a new favorite fruit to add to my list. They are way too good!

Here are some drying tips if you have never dried fruit before. But if you have dried fruit, then of course you know what I'm talking about when I say YUMMY!
This is just my first time and I only did one dehydrator full so there may be some better way to get the skins off if you are drying a larger batch than me,
but here's what I did:

Cut pears in half.

dried pears step 1

Cut in quarters.
dried pears step 2

Cut out core, there is not much of the core to cut out. The less you cut out the more pear fruit you get to consume.

dried pears step 3

Cut in thin slices. Each quarter gave me about 3 full slices and 1 from the rounded end, I still used this end to dry too.
dried pears step 4

dried pears step 5

I then cut the skins off. You can choose to leave them on if you want, they will still taste good. When I dry apples I remove the peels so I did the same with pears.
dried pears step 6

dried pears step 7

Arrange slices on the tray to dry.
dried pears step 8

When they are all dry, they shrink up quite a bit. Pop them off try and store in an air tight bag or container. Unless you eat them all as you remove them, then you'll save on a bag...
dried pears step 9

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