Saturday, September 19, 2009

old shirt-- new shirt

I have been waiting for the perfect knit fabric to come along and so I could re-make one of my favorite shirts. The blue shirt was old and wearing out and I was sad to not be able to wear it anymore.
My style is pretty simple. I like T-shirts a lot, but I like when they have a bit more to them. Like the sleeves on this shirt and the gathered neck. Simple, but still more to it than a basic T-shirt.

old shirt

So this isn't the perfect fabric, but I saw it at Walmart, HA! for $1.50 and thought it would make cute PJ's for the boys this winter. Kind of like Elves :)
Well I made a shirt out of it instead, and I still have some left for Baby E to be an elf.

new shirt

shirt remake

I unpicked every seem to get the exact size to use as patterns which took a couple hours but it fits and Mr. E thinks I look like the Cheshire Cat.

I have a few other options I want to try with this shirt pattern so I'll be looking for more fabrics. I also need to use thinner interfacing for the neck band because what I had on hand was too thick.
I love sewing with knits.


  1. Cute! I really like the shirt. Do you want to make me one :) I too like t-shirts with a simple twist.