Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fhe, how many people can you help, service

This flannel board story idea is from the June 2009 Children's Friend magazine. This was our lesson for Family Home Evening this week. It's a fun one for even little ages.
Start by telling the little stories in your own words and then the kids can be involved in the activity. They can help match the "helping" pieces up with the "needing" pieces.

You can get the original article HERE

I store the pieces in a sheet protector and slide them in between the 2 pages.
FHE How many people?

For the activity on the flannel board, I put all pieces up.
Then point out the 4 people who need help.
I put one in each corner with the "helps" in the center.
Family home evening, service

FHE how many people can you help?

Then have the kids help by putting the center images with the right outer image and discuss how the needs are being met as you do this.
FHE service

I re-sized the original color pages to print in letter size to keep in my sheet protector. The ones from the link above were not that big.
(click images for large view to save or print.)

I also separated the images onto two pages in photoshop and blew them up to trace so my figures would be larger and show well on the flannel board. They are also converted to black and white for easier tracing.
To make my figures I used the interfacing tracing method I described HERE.

(click images for jpg to save or print. They are not blurry when blown up to original size.)

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