Saturday, August 15, 2009

my color & scheme winning pillows

I was so excited to hear I was the winner of the pillows on Jill's blog.
They were from the Etsy store Color and Scheme.

The selection was hard to choose from, but I settled on the Serafina Floral Print.
I love the bright colors and love the way they look on my couch.

new pillows for new couch

new pillows

These pillows are so very well made, I'm impressed. I wanted to make some pillow forms to fit inside so it took me a while to get pictures. I like making my own pillow forms because I can stuff them and stuff them and they don't go flat as quickly as the ones from the store. We like to lay on our pillows and over time they are still fluffy.

Be sure to check out the Color and Scheme blog where you'll see decorating ideas and new fabric choices coming soon.
Thank you Jill and Sariah for the perfect gift.

~ ~ ~ ~Don't forget my flannel board cover giveaway I posted about yesterday. I am excited, the next couple weeks I'll be giving away some stories to go along with it.

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  1. I think the fact that you won these pillows was heaven smiling on you for doing such an amazing job on the couch cover! I love your color choices. BEAUTIFUL!