Thursday, August 20, 2009

another winner

OK, so I was looking at Heather's blog (she is my sister by the way : ) (love her and love the cute things she makes on her blog too) and I noticed she totally advertised for my giveaway (twice! I was laughing, as I never asked her to) thanks Heather! It looks like I played favorites for the winner, but honestly it was all random number drawing :) just funny that it turned out that way.

So because I'm such a nice person, I thought I would draw another name and will make them a flannel board cover as well! (seeing how making two together is just as quick as making one).
Lucky number ~ 5 ~ AMY ~ email me and give me your choices, you are also a winner.

I wish I could make everyone one, I really do...
Thanks guys.


  1. I am SO excited!! ThANKS!! I just checked out your sis-in-laws blog. Cute stuff!

  2. oops...I mean your sister's blog.