Saturday, July 11, 2009

My First Quilt

I was wondering around my local quilt shop and a quilt on display caught my eye. It seemed simple to make so I bought the pattern and took it home with me. This is my first quilt that I completed. It was actually just less than 3 years ago.


I wanted to join in over at Simplify and add my first and last quilt to the others "displayed" at the Parade of quilts.

I do like this quilt but one thing I would do differently if I were to do it again is use a few different fabric choices. There are a couple in this I really don't like, like that dark green bubble one right down the center you see, the one long strip of it.
Making this quilt I learned that you can machine quilt!
On your own machine!
It doesn't have to be done by hand,
or sent off to the professional quilter.
It opened my eyes and many possibilities.
Over the years I have learned quite a bit and I'm excited to learn a lot more as I keep making quilts.



Now for the last quilt I have completed recently.
I did post about it here so I won't go into much detail, but I am so proud that I was able to do this quilt. I learned how to hand quilt, I learned how to baste it together so the layers wouldn't move and I learned that I can do it.
My husband would tease at me when I would pull it out to work on during a movie or while watching TV.
He didn't ever see it being completed.
I think that making goals along the way was a big motivator.
For goals, I would say that I would quilt a block a day, then with the binding I gave myself a week to finish it. The binding is sewn on by hand because I love the look of it better than machine sewn on.

twin quilt all done


  1. Hi Edee ~ Both of your quilts are wonderful... even if you would change a few things on the first one. :)

    I'm quite envious of your having hand-quilted your most recent quilt. I've finally had to accept that I love the idea of it more than the reality, so I'm in awe of anyone who does it and loves it.

    Thank you for sharing your quilts and your stories! :)

  2. Oh I love both of these quilts! I have only been part of a bunch of women in hand stitching...kudos to you for doing the whole thing...What a treasure!

    My mom just found a quilt she had been storing for years that her grandmother made for her...all hand stitched. I loved looking at all of her stitches and imagining her doing each one with love for my mom. Quilts are so beautiful in so many meaningful ways.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your 1st quilt -- I've seen this technique other times.. It is so fun.

    I had to laugh when you say your husband didn't think you would finish the 2nd one. I know the feeling, but good for you in getting it done -- it's truly remarkable you hand stitched .. impressive.

  4. I LOVE both of your quilts!! I am just getting into quilting and I LOVE it!! I am finding it like reading a good book, hard to stop until it is finished:) I REALLY love your first quilt! You did an amazing job. Do you know if the pattern(your first quilt) is still available or if there is somewhere online to order it?

  5. it's Amy again...just thought I'd leave you my email case you know where I can find the pattern for your first quilt.
    Thanks again!


    Amy, the quilt pattern I used is "Bundle up baby girl" by Cotton Way. You can see it for sale at the above link and browse the baby quilt patterns. Good luck!

  7. both of these are really beautiful...i love the frayed edges on your first quilt. Very cool....

  8. Is your first quilt french roses? It is very sweet! I did one with pastels for my granddaughter a few years ago. I love your colorful most recent quilt and am so impressed that you have handquilted it! You are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing in this wonderful parade of quilts!

  9. Your bright quilt looks great with the green walls. I made my son's first quilt when he was 8. He's 25 now and still loves and cherishes it.

  10. I love your quilts! You have a real knack for choosing fabrics. Thanks for the encouragement of quilting things myself. I've only made one quilt, and the thought of machine quilting another is SO scary!

  11. the quilts are lovely. i especially love the first. very nicely done