Thursday, May 7, 2009

is it friday yet?

I want Friday to be here already. I have been working all over my house trying to clean out my sewing room/office. It's becoming a bedroom. Sad, I know, I'm still crying, but I know it's for the best. I have to find a spot for my sewing machines, for my fabric, for the computer, for my Stuff.

Our kitchen window is one of those hanging out off the house kind, you know the after thought of a bay window. The kind that just juts out of the wall and starts to sag after 20 years. The tile counter top goes around the sink and out a foot or so on the bay window. I can't even reach the window to open it, I think it was made to grow herbs on there.
I have had some plants there in the past and thought it was time for some more and let Spring back in my house.

Wheat grass has always caught my eye. It sounds easy to grow, and an inexpensive pretty decoration. These little tins came from the $1 spot at Target. Check out how fast it grows! This picture was taken in the morning. (this is only day 2 after planting it!)

wheat grass in morning

And here is the evening picture. Look at all the tips above the top, in the morning there was maybe one above the tin top.

wheat grass at night

wheat grass at night

Go check out this talented lady and see how she used her wheat grass and more tips for easy growing.

Now one tip I have to add to the others My Insanity has already shared is that yes you can use your #10 can wheat if you have that in your food storage for you LDS people.

But if you have it in your garage or if the wheat is way old, then it will most likely not sprout. You can still grind it for flour and cook with it but it will not grow and sprout.
I tried this first with old wheat and it wouldn't sprout, the only thing it grew was mold. I thought I had added too much water, so I replanted, same thing mold. Got rid of it and about gave up. Then I was in the health food store for other items and randomly walked passed the bulk section. Spotted some wheat and thought I would give it another try. It sprouted immediately the first day. So now I know it was my older wheat.

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