Wednesday, May 13, 2009

finished & beginning

This The twin quilt is done. Binding and all, even on the bed. Big E loved it; came home from school and saw I had put it on his bed with excitement. Click the link to see the progress of quilting and sandwiching to binding.

twin quilt all done

twin quilt back

twin quilt on the bed

The quilt inspiration came from pottery barn. 2 years ago I ripped a page out of the catalog with the quilt design I liked and kept it. Here are two images that are similar to the one I used but different. I liked how the squares were randomly places and different sizes and the stripes faced different ways.

This is pottery Barn:

and this is the Land of Nod color scheme I was going for:

Next, I have been working on this coin quilt along for some time but need to get some more white for the outer edge, I hate when I run out of something and can't get to the store right away to get it. So it will be put on hold for a day or so. These are the colors I chose.

coin quilt scraps


  1. yipeeeeeeeeee!!
    I love it. It looks great in that room - all the fun colors :) How did you quilt it? By hand? or machine? It looks awesome. Makes me want to quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the quilt! It is awesome!!