Saturday, April 25, 2009

sewing on a button

One woman I know was telling how she can't sew, she can't even sew on a button. That day she was wearing a dress where one button was missing and so she had hot glued the button on. It worked and held it in place. I got a good laugh at that, it was a great idea!


When I shop I am very glad that I know how to sew. Sometimes I want a certain thing and can't find it exactly, but find something close to it. Like the time I needed a black skirt, but my size was not on the rack. The size 10 that was there did not fit me, but I knew how to sew. I bought the size 10 black skirt and by easily taking the seems in had the smaller size I needed.


I went shopping for Baby E and got him new church pants and a shirt. The shirt was long sleeved and summer is a hot one here, but it was on clearance for a great price. I knew I cold easily switch it to short sleeves making it bearable to wear.
The pants buttons were a bit tight, so easily removing the button I was able to sew it back on in the right place giving more breathing room.


I'm sure glad I can sew on a button.

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  1. Very good job...I can sew simple things...but nooo clothes. cherry