Sunday, April 19, 2009

project: fabric organization

is back in the works. I started it here, and now I am moving on to the next step. These fabric boxes are too easy to make and I love the look of them.

Another "why buy when you can make" item? I needed a box/container to be exactly 5" x 5" x 10" to fit on my shelves so I could fit 4 across with my fabric inside. I looked at many stores not finding what I wanted. Using this tutorial, I set to work. I cut all the pieces out a week or so ago so when I get a chance to sit down and sew I can get at least one done here and there. This is the first box to be completed. I put cardboard in all four of the sides but not the bottom. The outside is denim and the white inside is twill.

box used for fabric organization

Here's a look at my progress so far. My fabric used to be in big clear bins with white lids, stacked underneath my sewing table. They took up too much room and I disliked bending over to get in them every time.

My first step was sort all fabric, get rid of more scraps, and fold the rest all the same size. Using my clear cutting ruler as a guide, I folded it all into 5" x 5" squares. The bigger yardage of denims and deco weights, knits and canvas is nicely in my sewing closet and pretty much in order for now so I just wanted to work on my quilting cottons at this time.

Here the fabric is in order by color, but not folder uniformly yet.

folded sloppy fabric

After I folder all the pieces 5 X 5 Looks so neat already. But not complete yet.

Nicely folded fabric

fabric box

more fabric

fabric organization

Only11 more boxes to make...


  1. These are so cute. How funny that I just looked up another tutorial for fabric boxes because I need something for my front room, and DVD and etc. etc. like you said "why buy when you can make" especially if you can't find what you need. I think I will have to battle one of my sons for old cereal boxes, since he always seems to snag them for his crafts.

  2. his crafts?! haahaa, isn't that how little boys always are? (collecting stuff)

  3. Edith I LOVE these. What a great idea? I have LOTS of denim I could put to use on some. . . . and I certainly have use for some.
    Great job!!

  4. hi i stumbled on your blog from the links at the quilt festival...all your fabric so neatly stacked and color ordered is so pretty!!! i love the bin you made...i need to come up with something handy for mine, it is all in a bin like your used to be and a whole floor away from my sewing machine. SO i am always hoofing it back and forth when i am looking for something.

  5. I love these bins. I think this will have to be my new project. I would love to have as much fabric as you do one day. . . perhaps if I ever get a sewing/craft room.