Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hockey zig zag quilting

I had planned from the beginning to make this quilt quiet simple because I wanted the quilting to be the more detailed part. I left lots of solid blue for that purpose. It was my first time using a walking foot and it worked pretty well. I think I will need a bit more practice with it to get it just right. There were a few parts that seemed like it wasn't feeding the fabric evenly on the top but for the most part you can't tell after I washed and dried the quilt.

Here's the finished product. I have two favorite things about this quilt, first is the zig-zag quilting and the other is the applique HOCKEY letters I did. I wasn't so sure about the black binding at first, especially after Mr. E thought I should use blue, but after I see it all sewn on I think I do like the black.

hockey quilt

quilt back

hockey quilt polka dot binding

hockey details

H is for hockey

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  1. I'm so happy that you got it finished :) YIPEEE. It looks great.
    I FINALLY got my stippling foot in the mail - 15 days after I paid for it UGH - now I need to make something :)