Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 years in the making

Yes, this quilt is two years in the making. It's the first real quilt I have made, well almost made, I am so close to being done. I Started it when we first moved into our house and painted Big E's room green. (The green in the quilt is the same color on the walls.) I wanted to hand quilt it and thought it would be no big deal. I planned on getting a large hoop to make it portable.

The design it totally random. I drew it out on graph paper, colored in the squares with colored pencils to help me visualize the placement of colors and got to work. My favorite part is the border around the edge. I love the strips of randomness.

twin, hand quilted progress

twin, hand quilted

After trying the big round hoop, I didn't like using it at all. I couldn't get my needle to do what I wanted with it. It was impossible for me to get more than one stitch at a time and I didn't like the tight fabric even after loosening the hoop it was still tight.

I wanted the stitches close together so I dropped the hoop and did it with a book underneath for a flat surface but the fabric was still able to move and bend as I please so I was able to get many stitches close together at once.
I did the whole quilt that way, starting from the edges and working towards the center. I know that is risky with puckers, but I basted it pretty well and feel confident that it was the best way for me and I would do it the same way again.

Here is the process I used to baste it together. I was clueless let me tell you...But this was the best way that I could think of to do it without frames (that is before I read quilting blogs and discovered this basting method that I use all the time now).

I'm not sure of the measurements, I will have to measure again, but it's a twin size.

The clip things I used to hold it tight to the table are the clamps my husband had in his tools. I added one leaf in the table but I should have put two at least. I layered the backing fabric, then the batting and then placed the quilt top on the top. Aa I added each layer I would remove the clamps and place them on again to include the new layer.

To baste the layers together, I put safety pins in the first half of the quilt but ran out, and it was late and didn't want to wait till morning to buy more, so the last half I basted with black thread three time on top of each other and cut the thread each time. It takes up as much space as a safety pin and holds just as tight.
It has held the quilt together for two years and counting.

twin with batting

twin quilt ready to baste together

basted quilt

UPDATE: here is the finished quilt, hand quilted with binding.

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