Tuesday, March 24, 2009

organize the kids craft supplies

I have seen all the closet door shoe organizers around and thought that would be an excellent idea to put all Big E's crafts and art supplies in. But he has a few things that are bigger and wouldn't fit in the smaller shoe pockets like 8 1/2" X 11".

Also, the closet door I want to hang it on is narrower than normal doors. So I thought I can sew, how hard can that be, I'll just make one and customize the pockets to the sizes we need. Well it took a few weeks, I would sew a row of pockets a night here and there. My husband would laugh at me and asked why not just buy one?

I pushed on even though it was a boring project. Being very simple in my designing, I surged all the edges and didn't finish the pocket edges or bottoms.
Then I added elastic to the tops of the pockets.

It is made of durable canvas and reinforced at the top where I added the large eyelets for hanging. So there you have it. Why buy when you can sew one and even better customize the pocket size? The fabric is not my first choice but it was in my stash and I was determined to not buy any for this project. Plus the closet door will be shut when not in use.
I even added clear label pockets to the front of each pocket to make it easy for Big E (and me) to keep things organized.


  1. I think it looks great! That's a great idea - I am a sucker for organization!

  2. I love it - great idea. Maybe I'll buy one :) heee heee.