Wednesday, March 4, 2009

making yogurt

I got sour patch kids for my birthday, but on a healthier note, another gift I got was a yogurt maker. I have used it already more than once a week every week. It's really going to pay for its self. Making yogurt is very easy especially after you read all about it from this article I found, it's full of great information.
I'm not a big fan of the yogurts in the stores with all the added stuff in the ingredients, who needs high fructose corn syrup anyway? Not my kids! The best yogurt I have ever had is the Stonyfield Farm brand. It's all organic and I recognize all the ingredients on the list, nothing foreign. It is mentioned in the article above. After trying different starters I have decided that the Stoneyfield Farm gives me the consistency and flavor I like in my yogurt. The greek kind is a bit too firm for my liking. I always flavor my yogurt with a bit of sugar and vanilla before letting it ferment and always use vanilla flavored yogurt now as the starter and not plain.
The price breakdown is good too. I can buy the stoneyfield farms for $3.24 a quart. I can make it for $1.50.

I made soy yogurt as well. My boy is allergic to dairy and he loves soy yogurt, but the only place I can get it is a 10 minute drive to the closest health food store. I pay $0.99 for a 6 oz cup and feel ripped off, although he loves it, so is it worth it? Not if you can make it yourself. It worked perfect the first time, texture, flavor and all. The second time I used my own starter from the yogurt I made him the first time and it didn't turn out at all. So for soy yogurt I would suggest using the store bought starter every time.
But with dairy yogurt you make you can continue to use it as it's own starter for a few more times.

My breakfast just got a whole lot healthier. It's oh so good with my homemade granola too!


  1. mmmmmmm. You have to bring that yogurt maker when you come to visit. I want to try it out :) then I will want one I'm sure.

    happy late birthday :) I'm so bad at remembering or wishing my siblings a happy birthday!!

  2. Now you're talking with the Sour Patch Kids! It's a good thing I don't care for Swedish Fish, or Kes and I might get in a fist fight over them!! You are so creative. That yogurt looks yummy!

  3. I've been interested in making my own yogurt! It looks good, especially with granola (my favorite meal together!).