Tuesday, February 3, 2009

heart mobil and mail

I thought I had a pair of these scissors, you know pinking sheers, it had slipped my mind earlier and I called them rick rack scissors here! Well anyway, I didn't have a pair, so off to Joanns for the 50% sale because shouldn't everyone have a pair of pinking sheers?
I think everyone knew I needed a pair and rushed to Joanns before me. I found one pair of these scissors left on the rack, all the other racks were empty, every pair of scissors gone!

This heart mobile really was simple to make. Whip stitched with a needle and thread, stuffed with a bit of stuffing, and then hang them up.

Here's the view I see now, sitting at my computer. These hearts are so tiny, about 2 1/2 inches wide.

I found some lovely mail boxes waiting at Target for me in the $1 spot. They are even cuter in person. All covered with stickers, we are already getting (and giving) mail. Hurray for Valentines Day!


  1. i love my rick rack scissors!!
    cute hearts

  2. This is a cute project! Thanks for visiting my blog (and following),I love meeting new friends in blogland! All of the food pictures makes me want to get in the kitchen and make some Valentine goodies for my girlfriends. I always make chocolate covered strawberries, but I do have some leftover mints... the bark looks really good right now!

    Come back to visit soon!

  3. Rick Rack scissors! I love it :)