Thursday, February 26, 2009

coins stacked up

I have been cutting out some pieces for another quilt, this wonderland design, but I'm not motivated to keep going with it right now. So I will have to officially put it on hold.

Over at chickpea studio I see that a coin quilt making is in progress. I've thought for months now that I want that pattern to be my next quilt project and now I've got the excuse to make it. I love the idea to "make it together" and share. Then I get to see all the others being worked on at the same time. Want to join in, head on over to the club. It is actually a very easy quilt to do.

After seeing all these wonderful coin quilts all over the internet I knew I couldn't wait long to start one
like this one.
here's another one
and yet one more
I could go on and on.
OK, one more this one is a favorite with the colors, I love it. It's from a newly discovered blog, handmade by Alissa (hers is the picture below-I had to include it as I love the colors). Her blog is one that I will now be checking as much as crazymomquilts! (and that's a lot)

My coin quilt update: 1-left over scraps from cutting out. 2-Quilt top all completed.
3- final completed quilt.

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  1. I would buy one of your quilts in a second. When the boys came to my house, I almost stole their quilt because it was so beautiful! You are sdo talented!