Tuesday, January 6, 2009

sew fun together

Way back for Thank giving break I was wondering what to do with Big E during his school vacation. During that time I came across This idea for my answer. He picked out some fabric pieces to use. I cut the squares and he got to work making patterns-what he does best.

We did take one trip to the fabric store to get a larger piece for the back and I'm pretty proud of the way the colors fit together. Mr. E was somewhat ok when he found out and glad it was mostly manly.

While sewing on my lap, his favorite part was putting the presser foot up and down.

I sandwiched it together just in time to practice quilting it before I work on the stipple design. It was my first attempt at the machine freehand quilting and was a perfect project to do first to get the hang of the way the machine moves freehand.

After the binding and first washing, it turned out to be the perfect lap quilt for watching TV and it works good as a cape around the neck. But it mostly gets used to make forts with the couch cushions.
The final measurements are approximately 31" X 53".

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  1. I love that you involved him so much in the process. I bet he loves that he helped make it himself. My kids always love it when I take the time to involve them in a project like this.