Tuesday, January 27, 2009

celebrate valentines day

I wanted to get a head start on some fun Valentines Day crafts that are easy to do with kids. If I plan now and get the ideas in my head then I can get the needed supplies and motivation this year to actually do them. Before I would see fun things after the fact and V-day was over, but not this year. So on to the inspiration-

I'm sure you've seen these around, using your left over Christmas candy canes for some V-day LOVE. I found my last box of candy canes in a drawer and this will be perfect, although I am craving some peppermint Bark.

More food:

Heart shaped pancakes. We love pancakes at our house and Saturday is the best day to make them as we have plenty of time in the morning. Use your own pancake recipe or try this one from Family Fun. You don't need any special molds unless you already have them, the Family Fun link shows you how to drop the batter into a heart shape with out those.

Chocolate covered strawberries. I love these! Here is the most easiest tutorial on how to make your very own.

Don't these look so yummy?! Display your cupcakes on a nice cake plate with sprinkled candy heart. Learn to make the cupcake toppers HERE at Country Living.

To make (not to eat):

You don't need a sewing machine to make this fun hanging heart mobile. I love Pottery Barn kids style, and this is perfect for decorating. If I start now I can finish by Saturday and save $34.99!
All you will need to do this craft is fabric scraps, rick rack scissors (to keep the edges from fraying) ribbon, needle and thread, and a bit of stuffing. I'll be back to show you my finished one-by Saturday hopefully!

A-I'm dough-nuts about you. (heehee!)
Find more fun jokes in colorful printable PDF form HERE at Family Fun to add to your kids lunchboxes.

Over at The Berry's Patch I saw this idea for the whole family to do. Everyone loves getting mail don't they, well here's a way to make sure you give and get it every day until Valentines Day.
Here's another idea to use, metal mailboxes from Target that Jenni at Nest to Keep found. Note to self: rush to Target today to see if there are any left.
Maybe your dollar store has a selection as well.

Make with the kids:

This is just made from a paper grocery sack. Instructions for this HERE.

Martha's got some nice ideas to make too, I knew she wouldn't let me down.

THESE are made of wax paper and melted crayons. We have ton of broken crayons that would work perfectly for this craft. I knew I saved them for a reason!

Use construction paper, or even decorative scrapbook paper for THIS heart garland.

Then lastly, for today's V-day inspiration, I'm planning on making THESE fortune holders for Big E's class at school. I'm not sure how he'll react, he may just want the paper cartooney valentines you rip apart from the store. But these would be much more fun, wouldn't they?
(they will hold more candy then the paper ones)
I don't care if all the kids throw them away after. It'll be quality time spent with Big E making them, won't it? He loves crafts too, so I think I'm safe.

Do you have anymore Valentines Day inspiration? Do Share!
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  1. very cute ideas!!!!
    Lets do some easter crafts during spring break.

  2. I love that you've gathered these ideas here. Now I'm really graving some cupcakes.

    It's nice to meet you. Thanks for showing the Valentine project.

    Brandee :-)

  3. I love all these ideas you have shared! What a fun blog you have! :) I will be back again to visit. :) Have a great night! :)