Thursday, December 18, 2008

three bowls in one

Remember this tree? Well it's sitting pretty in a new pot. Visited Target today looking for teacher gifts and saw this cute set of ceramic bowls. Three that vary in size and stack nicely inside each other. On sale of course. This is the largest of the three and I was happy to find out the burlap base of the tree fit perfectly inside.

This middle size one is filled with candy and wrapped up inside some tulle and tied with raffia. I love some tulle with wrapping any time I can get away with it, which is pretty much any time. This one's for big E's teacher.

Then the smallest of the three is the one I had my eye on, it's the one I wanted for my kitchen and love that I can use it all year round and not just for Christmas.

Traditions...this one is a bit embarrassing. This wooden tree has been in my front yard only once since I've had it, which has really only been three years. I have good intentions, I mean to put it out, I don't want in hiding away in my office all December. But you see I rarely go out my front door, I leave through the garage all the time. So this tree sits and sits, I see it and think, "I need to poke that thing in the ground" but still it sits... maybe by next week it'll be out in the ground, just in time to take it down.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi there...thanks for coming by and visiting! I LOVE those bowls. I found some cute polka dot ones at Walmart. The blocks I used reg. old Elmers to adhere the paper and used mod podge over them to seal! Merry CHristmas, cherry