Friday, December 5, 2008

new ornaments

Growing up we had a tradition every Christmas. When we put up our tree we were all given a new ornament. They were all the same, maybe different colors but pretty much the same. We would then write our names on them somewhere inconspicuous. Over the years, my siblings and I collected quite a few ornaments, at least 18 by the time we graduated high school. It was exciting for us to look forward to the new ornament and see what it was going to be.
Now that I have a family of my own I have my childhood ornaments to enjoy. Every year I now do this with my family, we each get a new ornament and my kids will have them when they are older and I hope they come to look forward to the tradition like I did.

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  1. We do this too - for two years now for Bayer. I love it. Kes has a whole box from growing up. Some of them are so hideous we refuse to put them on the tree!