Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas cheer

My goal for this Christmas is to have all my shopping done by Saturday Dec13th. I did the first of it today while big E was at school. It's not like I have a huge list this year. We actually set a budget and I am determined to keep it below that this year.
I have already bought some things on line and got great deals on them, like $20 savings than at a store and free shipping from Amazon! I love the idea of not going from store to store to store to store to buy things.
I will be enjoying the Christmas season this year because I will get to relax the last two weeks before and spend time with family and start a few traditions at the same time. That is Christmas cheer to me.

What about you, do you buy on line, do you have any goals for shopping this year? What brings you Christmas cheer?


  1. I didn't know you had this blog... it's cute.!! I wanted to be done with shopping early this year. I don't think that will happen. Good for you though.

  2. I do almost all my shopping at Amazon too. Cheaper prices than almost anywhere and almost always free shipping. And they ship things so quickly. Kes bought me the 1st Twilight book for Christmas and I wanted the other 3 books too. I checked at Barnes & Noble and Amazon beat their price by over $40 for the three. And with free shipping, I ordered the books on Friday night and got them on Monday. Unbelieveable!