Monday, November 24, 2008

photos & free books perfect for Christmas gifts

Here's a newly discovered photo site. Just by signing up as a new customer I got a whole list of free prints, and 8 X 8 photo books for free. Only pay shipping. I ordered my first book today and shipping was $7.99. It comes from over sees, I think, so that's why a bit pricey shipping. But other photo books I've ordered from other places have high shipping too. Like my publisher I paid almost $9.00 for an 8 X 11 size book. There are also free calendars given in the free credit section for new members so I'll be doing that for Mr. E for Christmas.

I have read about the quality of artscow and people seem to be pleased with it and keep returning. I'll let you know how my first book quality is. In the mean time click the link below and sign up and see the free credits as a new member you'll get.

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