Wednesday, October 1, 2008

visiting teaching reminder

I had to come up with a "make and take" for our VT conference a couple weeks ago.
We had in mind a paper type envelope pocket to hold your VT list and then put a magnet on the back to put on your fridge.

I actually did a search to see if anyone else has made one of these before and came across this cute one. So easy, I figured everyone could just see it and copy it at our conference with little instruction. I made a few before hand to have as examples and then cut all the paper and got it ready for the tables to make their own.
This is seriously 2 minutes tops, just stack and staple.

Using the green envelope as an example, the "Visiting Teaching" is printed on vellum, the next layer is decorative paper (green polka dots), add one more decorative paper a little taller for hte next layer (pink shown), next is the envelope card stock (green).
I used an 8 1/2 X 11" card stock cut in half.
Fold each up from the bottom to form the envelope . The last layer is the striped paper that is goes down into the envelope only about 1/4".

First, you need to glue down the very top patterned paper. It is just long enough to go inside the edge of the envelope when folded. It doesn't reach down to the fold.
Next, the brad goes through the top three layers (the vellum and two papers), to keep them in place, no need to put he brad through the thick card stock.
Then position the three papers being held together with the brad, on the front and staple the sides up, forming the envelope.

Then our RS president had a little clothes pin with a heart on to use as the marker to clip on "do it" and move over to "done".

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  1. What a great Make and Take. I need one of those, it's the perfect reminder. Thanks for linking to me!