Monday, September 29, 2008

quilt binding made easy

Here's the quilt binding tutorial I used to finish up my Christmas quilt. The quilt's on it's way to the Etsy shop in a couple days when I get a free minute.

I got the instructions -HaaHaa- two years ago exactly (notice the date on the print sheet below) so I would be prepared to know how to do it when I got to that part on Big E's quilt. Now two years later, I'm still hand quilting the twin thing, but half way done...

Blow these sheets up and you'll be able to read them very well. I got them from this place and when I went back just now to check on it noticed they were different and the lady changed them a bit. But I like this original way better because the way to match up the ends seems simpler. I love the way it shows how to match up the ends to get them the right length, no tricky business. This way you just tuck under the last end and roll it over and sew it up. If that makes sense.
Sorry they are a bit dark, but they are still readable.

Let me know if you try this way how you feel about it, or if you prefer the other way to match up the ends like Heather Bailey does. I'm sure I'll try the Heather way just so I can see what the difference is, and maybe I'll like it.

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