Monday, September 15, 2008

a perfect trade

My grandma used to knit some dish cloth/rags for us out of the peaches and cream type yarn. I loved them and used them and used them until they began to fall apart. My grandma has since passed and I don't know how to knit or even crochet. But I needed more, they were the best things and I hated using the terry type rags from the stores to wipe off a counter or table.

So I asked my sisters and sister in laws if anyone who knew how to knit or crotchet would make a trade with me and make me some and I would sew something for them. I had an offer right away and she was more than happy to participate in a trade. She had been wanting to make some zippered pencil cases for her boys to put on their clip boards at church and in the car to keep all the crayons and pencils from getting lost. She didn't feel comfortable attempting them with a zipper herself.

I wish I could find the link of the example she had in mind... I'll keep looking because it was the cutest thing ever!!

So I sewed two for her boys and one for us to keep as well. They turned out cute with this Alexander Henry Number fabric.

This is what I got in return. Far more than I ever expected and by far the cutest and best looking dish rags around!! They all have different patterns on them.
I love them!


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOH WHAT GREAT dish cloths. She is an amazing knitster, knitter, or whatever you want to call it.
    I want to knit more - I just wish I had more time. Edee you should learn some day. You would love it.

  2. edee We should set up some kind of a trade amongst crafters. . . .
    not sure how it would work or we could carry it out but it would be FUN!
    We could call it a "trady 8" you know for 2008.
    When we were little, Henry pulled us altogether for a "tradee 80" THe year must have been 1980- ha ha!! We all came together to trade our JUNK.

    I think a craft trade would be SO FUN!. Let's think about some kind of participation guidelines and see if we can get some people on board!