Monday, September 15, 2008

furniture redo: kitchen table

We got this table used and I liked the style of it and that there were two leaves to add for more length. Up close there are all sorts of dings and the varnish was rubbing off, not to mention the fabric on the chairs needed replaced. Right from getting it we knew we would refinish it but that was about 4 years ago. So finally after having some family over for the weekend the boys decided to go for it and start the sanding process.
So here is the before picture, you can kind of see the coloring of it and if you blow up the image you can see the chair in front has some scratches on the back of the ladders. I don't have a picture of the table top, which was bad.


It then sat in our house for 9 months like this, legs and apron sanded only.

Last month I noticed a few inspiration pictures and other table redos that I totally fell in love with. I love black and am so glad my husband decided to go with it, seeing how he would be doing most the work. We had just planned on refinishing it all with polyurethane but am so glad we never got around to it because I love the black better.

After sanding and more sanding we were ready to prime. My husband used three different grades of sandpaper. First rough and then smoother and smoothest. It was amazing to feel it after each sanding, it was so smooth after the last round I loved to rub my hand on it. It took forever though, and it was hot, it was only comfortable to be outside in the early morning or at night.

We had to do three coats of black paint to cover all the primer that kept trying to show through. Then for the top we used polyurethane so the real color of the wood would show through. The can says to do three coats and between the first two sand lightly. This was a very time consuming project, because of all the drying times and in between sanding. But well worth it, We love the finished product. It is nice and sleek to me and the top is just so smooth and seems like glass.

I was sad to put the ugly chair cover pads back on without having the fabric to cover them. I have been looking and looking all over to find the right fabric, but really can't decide. I was leaning towards a fabric with red in it because I want red accents to match my kitchen. My kitchen walls are a light blue color so maybe blue, or what about a black and white mix?
ANY help would be gladly accepted. What would you do?

Up next: put the leaves back in the closet to store and pick out fabric, then I want to find a bench to fit on one side so there is more sitting room than the 4 chairs we have.
We bought most the sand paper, paint, primer, and polyurethane we used at Lowes. The first paint color we got really looked like black but the first coat showed it to be more dark dark gray which we didn't want. So we got a black paint at Home Depot that was really black. Spending just under $100 on all of it.

update: I finally got fabric for the chairs, 

I found some fabric to recover the dining chairs. It's a linen blend with 1"-1 1/2" polka dots

red, black dot linen fabric


  1. WOW!!! Your table looks GREAT!!! The top is just beautiful.

  2. WOW!!! What a fantastic makeover! The table and chairs look great! I'd say that a mask was a good idea. It looks like it got a little messy.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I think this table looks fantastic! Great job!