Friday, September 19, 2008

family home evening assignment board

I have been throwing around ideas in my head for the longest time to come up with a chart, or assignment board, for my family to use.
Every Monday night we have something called Family Home Evening. We have a lot of fun sharing our talents, singing songs, playing games, and learning together. This is a night we all look forward to. We rotate our names every week and do the assignment above our hanging knob.

In a world where families are becoming less and less important I feel that the time we are able to spend as a family in our home is precious. I hope that as my kids grow older they will still find our home a place to feel loved and comfortable and protected from the changing world around them, a place where they will always be able to come and "feel at home".

The big wood is from the scrap pile my husband had from some shelves. He cut it shorter for me and I hung two sawtooth hangers on the back. The black knobs were solid wood found in the hardware dept that came with screws ready to attach at Walmart. I was looking at Michaels for some wooden shapes to hang from the knobs with jute cord and came across these little girl and boy figures on clearance for $0.50. The faces were little picture frames where I could slip a face into. I decided not to use them with face pictures and left them open for hanging.

There was only one boy at the store left and I needed more so I bought more girls so I could cut their skirts into pants. Can you tell where the skirt was cut off?

I ordered some rub on letters in this cool little booklet and they were the perfect size.
I love these, they can be used on almost any surface and are so easy to position before you rub them on for good. After rubbing the letters on and sanding around the edges a bit, I painted over the entire board with a clear coat of poly so the tellers would not scrape off.

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