Wednesday, September 24, 2008

autumn smells

I love the Autumn months! Crisp morning air, cooling off-although here it has been in the 90's all week...but for the most part there is cooling off in the near future. I also love the smells that accompany this time of year. It smells so clean out side, and inside my favorite spice candles fill the air. This one is so strong I don't even have to light it.

I wanted to use up a lot of my Christmas fabric scraps so I made a nice lap quilt to use while watching movies at night or playing games with the family. I love to cuddle up in the winter months.
Here's a sneak peak. I watched a movie last night and started to sew on the binding. This is the first binding I have ever done. It is so easy! I found a tutorial that I liked a lot better than some others I have seen out there so I'll post a link to that later. (edit: here is my binding post with the link) I love how the corners turned out. Now to watch another movie and finish up the rest.

Here's a warning for you: Close your rotary blade after every cut...
I have always made sure to retract the rotary blade when I finish a cut. Well yesterday afternoon I didn't bother while thinking I am just quickly adjusting fabric to make another cut. I left it open and slice. I ended up with a nice clean cut about 1/2" long on my knuckle. My blade was getting to the point where it should be changed anyway as it wasn't cutting all the fabric I wanted but it was still sharp!
So be warned, it is sharp even if it doesn't cut the fabric, it can still do damage to you.

I spared you the grose image because I hate seeing them on other people blogs. It's like you are scrolling down and surprise a big red cut on the finger with no bandaid...

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  1. YIKES sorry!
    I sewed right through the fleshy tip of my finger on my machine once. ouchy mama!
    I've also done a bit of damage to a digit with my fabric slicer. Those are so dangerous!