Friday, June 27, 2008

little bit of good info

Came across this the other day. I would never dare experiment on my own with something that involved my precious Rowenta, but because she did, I feel safe doing it now... if I'm ever in a bind (I did just buy 2 more tubes of the iron off so I should be good to go for a while). Maybe I'll never buy the $4.00 tube again (even $2.00 on sale)
Let me tell you though, this Iron-Off stuff really works. After bumping my old wobbly ironing board my hot iron went down and landed hot side on the carpet. It was a split second before I could race around to grab it so the carpet did it's number on the shiny surface. Thinking all was lost I attempted to clean it with a whole tube of this goop. I was overcome with joy to see my shiny new surface again smiling back at me.

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