Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Fives

Starting this month I thought it would be nice to have at least one regular post every week. I'm going to start my Friday Fives where I will feature five things. I may do my five favorites, five new discoveries, or any five things I've been thinking of.
We close on our house next Friday and so home projects will be taking over my time. I'm excited to share those but we know how renovation projects go, not always on schedule. For me to have a regular scheduled post for my Fives will be a great distraction!

Even though moving has kept me busy with a ton to do, I've still had quite a bit of down time in our transition to watch some shows. Fives for today are the most recent shows/movies I've watched.

#1- Grand Designs on Netflix. I can't even choose a favorite home. They all have a cleanliness and openness to them that I just love! The designers are so creative and I'm always amazed and jealous after every episode at the home they get to live it. 

#2- Jack Ryan on Amazon. I'm sure you've heard of it. I haven't read any of the Tom Clancy books, but I did love the older movies. Warning:: They use the F word a ton, and there are some bedroom scenes that I don't enjoy (and a few gory war scenes). If you have a subscription to VidAngel you can watch it through there and skip all that rubish. The story is exciting and suspenseful and I enjoyed it.
**VidAngel- "You no longer have to accept the unacceptable in movies and TV. VidAngel provides a way to skip or mute things you don't want to see or hear in movies and TV shows."

#3- I introduced my youngest son to National Treasure. It's an exciting quick watch. He was thoroughly entertained the entire time. I had totally forgotten how this movie ends, I had it confused with the DaVinci Code where the main woman finds out her genealogy line at the end. So I was pleasantly surprised myself at the end. Now I need to go watch the DaVinci Code!

#4- The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was the cutest movie on Netflix. I had started reading the book ages ago but never finished. This movie was just a refreshing two hours of pure joy! Clean and a touching story. I wished they made more movies like this.

#5- To all the Boys I've Loved. A Netflix original movie based on the book. I didn't read the book. I've heard it talked about a lot on IG but still never read it. The movies was enough for me. It's worth a watch, once. Cute teen story and great actors. I have loved the Dad ever since I used to watch Northern Exposure (remember that!). I do think that the hot tub scene was a bit much for teens to watch. Yeah, it might happen in real life for high schoolers and much worse, but maybe I'm the odd one out, but does showing it in a movie make it seem to kids that it's normal to do? Because I don't think that should be normal. I'm curious how the book was with this scene, was it in the book, was it exaggerated in the movie? Who's read the book?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Summer shirt favorite from Old Navy, sewing hack for a perfect fit

For summer I pretty much live in t-shirts. I do like to break up the knit shirt with other options that are cool and comfortable if I find some.
This was a recent find from Old Navy that fit the summer comfy requirements. It is a very lightweight woven cotton rayon blend, but not thin or sheer. Yes! It defeats the purpose if I have to wear an undershirt or tank top underneath in the hot summer.

The back has a gathered detailing, as well as the front shoulders. The crop sleeves have a tiny cuff which I love, but it's not so easy to see in the photos. The arm openings were a little too large for my arms and gave a view inside to what I would rather not show. So a quick tapering stitch on my sewing machine made it smaller and wearable without a tank underneath.
It's perfect for summer, and fall, and winter here in Pheonix! Ha!

This little amount of sewing is just right with the limited sewing supplies I have on hand from storage after our move. These are all after photos. It's funny how on the model it doesn't show any gaping but every body is different and so I love the ability to know how to sew and fix just the smallest detail for my body.

The shirt is still in stock online in a few sizes, or you could check your local Old Navy for your size. If you remember, I posted about these Lucky jeans a while back and how I altered them from boot cut to straight leg. I'm still loving them!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Our Arizona rental, resort living for a winter getaway, vacation (or short term living)

That's right! I'm no longer a California resident. I love California and leaving was a hard decision. It was best for my husband's career and I'm confident that Arizona is where we are supposed to be.
Just because I know this is where we are supposed to be though, doesn't make moving any easier. My kids were uprooted and taken away from their friends and schools they loved. Being uprooted and re-establishing your family in a new place is hard for everyone. I could go on and on about the move but I won't. I'm sure you all get what I mean when I say moving is hard. It's exciting and hard at the same time.

photo used from:

Back in June we were house hunting near Phoenix and deciding what neighborhood we were going to live. We had a house and we were in escrow. We were right on schedule to move just in time to have a nice summer vacation before my kids had to go back to school. School starts three weeks earlier in AZ than our CA district! WAAAH!

The house wasn't meant to be. We had to back out of the deal because of some major issues and so then our hunt became stressful with what little time we had. We couldn't register our kids for school until we had an address and time was ticking. Finally, we had no choice but to just find a rental, in the school boundaries we wanted, while we still searched for a house.

That is where we are now, in our rental. We moved out of our CA home July 12th (our lease wasn't available for move in until August.). We drove to a hotel to live for a week in AZ. The movers took all our belongings to a storage unit. We then went away for our planned family vacation for a week. Luckily our rental was available a couple days early and we moved in July 28th after our vacation.

Our rental is a furnished home. It's perfect for our situation. That way we don't have to move and unpack all our stuff twice. We have our clothes and our computers and a few other things we earmarked during packing for our rental home. A lot of things slipped through and got put way back in the storage unit but we are surviving without them. Most of my clothes were not accessible. I had my vacation clothes and swimming suits with me but nothing else, so I've been shopping, yay! My youngest ended up without his "rental" box full of toys and he was getting pretty antsy, we had to buy him a basket ball and a few other things to keep him entertained. My sewing box also slipped by and so I have nothing I need to sew but my machine. I did go buy some new sewing scissors, thread, seam ripper, tape measure, a few basics. My sewing posts will take a back burner until I can have everything accessible again. That's one reason I thought I would share about my home situation in Arizona.

Here are a few shots of our rental. It ended up being in Scottsdale and it's a popular vacation city where people rent on Airbnb for their winter getaway; they are called Snowbirds. Our house is furnished with everything, dishes, sheets, towels... everything you would need on vacation. You just bring your toothbrush and clothes!

We are living here with our lease until December, so I didn't tidy and clean it to be pristine. I'm going to start with the back yard in this post. It's a dream place to relax and eat and hang out.
We love the cement bar and how it is shaped to seat so many. We would love to incorporate that into our new house, as well as a built in bbq and drink bin.
When we moved in, the area was being hit by regular monsoons several times a week. The crazy wind was tipping trees over left and right and leaving lots of debris in our pool. Right after the pool was cleaned it would storm the next evening making a new mess. There are also more misquotes here than I've ever witnessed in my life, I grew up in Utah and I've gotten more bites here in that last month that I ever did growing up.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hall bathroom before photos and mood board

The house we are going to close on this month was built in 1974. It was about the same time period of the house I grew up in and so a lot of the layout reminds me of being young. The maze-like of the halls and darkness and narrowness is what reminds me of my childhood home the most. They both have four bedrooms and two baths going down the long hallway. Our house has an extra toilet and sink in the laundry room of our new house that is accessible to the back yard pool (making it 2.25 baths!).
Our house is all original, including the first and only owner. I think pretty much everything was from the first builder. It's in really great shape for a home that old and our inspector was very positive about it. We see a lot of potential in the house and are excited to put our own touch on it. It could easily use over 100K to get it to where we want it but we are not going to finance any of that so our plan is to do it slowly and save up for each project.

The hall bathroom is one of the first things that we are going to complete before moving in. It will be used by guests and the kids so we figure it is more important to do before the master bath.

Here are some before photos of the bathroom. The footprint will stay the same. I am not dead set on everything shown in the mood board above and so it could change, but it's the basic idea I'm thinking of. I'm liking white and clean, subway tile, penny tile, black fixtures, touches of gray or pale blue, shaker door and sink vanity.

We have tackled a bathroom before in our first home, painting, toilet, new window trim, mirror, baseboards, floor tile, but we left the sink and cabinets alone.
This one we hope to gut and replace everything, except for the bathtub that is still in good shape, but new surround tile is a must.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Cotton and Steel floral canvas wallet, edeenut shop feature

This pretty blue floral fabric is one of my favorite for a wallet. The blue cotton print paired with a chocolate brown waxed canvas makes this a functional and stylish clutch. Topped off with a white metal zipper and suede brand label, you're winning with a modern looking bag.

Our Suppliers hand wax the canvas with natural beeswax and sun bake it to allow the wax to absorb into the fabric. Waxing fabric creates a naturally rugged, water resistant and sturdy fabric that ages with a look similar to leather.
Care of waxed canvas:
-Clean was with a damp cloth, do not use soap, do not machine wash, do not dry clean.
-Fabric top half can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or gently hand rinsed, avoid getting water on the waxed bottom.

The blue floral cotton fabric has been one of my favorites for years. It is designed by Rifle Paper Co. for the Cotton and Steal fabric collection, Les Fleurs.

You can find the wax canvas wallet for purchase here as well as a smaller coordinating version here.