Saturday, February 28, 2015

handmade decorative envelopes

A while back I had the opportunity to add some mini red envelopes to add to a mini bunting order I was completing. I have helping many brides with buntings in their colors for their wedding.
These particular ones were for a 4th of July wedding.

Making the red envelopes made me realize that there are so many possibilities for decorative envelopes.

They can be made in any size and used for happy greetings, thank you's, Birthday invites, and good old fashioned snail mail letters!

I have enjoyed following Party Happier on Instagram and etsy and love her decorative envelopes.
She has a selection for you no matter what your event.
These are a couple of my favorite sets that she offers:
Gold Glitter Lined Envelopes

Handmade kraft envelopes with matching note cards

And these tiny ones would be so fun for kids! Send them a little note to school in their lunch box.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

behind the scenes: assembly line sewing

I'm pretty happy to sew in an assembly line. I actually enjoy it. I would guess most people might think it's boring.
For Valentine's Day, I offered a gift set, along with, Bellazamia Jewelry, that included a red linen padded pouch of mine and an arrow necklace of hers with some other goodies.
We offered ten of these set and I decided to take some pictures of my fun assembly process.

Here is the beginning process, getting the fronts and backs prepared with the lining and zippers all stacked up.

After adding the zippers, the sides and bottoms need sewn together and then some trimming.

 The final product, all packaged up and ready to ship off to their new homes!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

around the town: M&L fabrics

One reason I started doing my Around the Town series is for you to get a good look at the places I've gone.
Then you will know what to expect if you've never been and want to head there yourself.
I really dislike going to places for the first time. I like to know what to expect and what a store is like or see pictures of it first.
I hope that it benefits you and you are enticed to visit for yourself.

The week after Valentine's Day I headed to Anaheim to check out the fabric store M&L Fabrics.
I have heard of it before but never been. I wanted to see if they had a particular fabric I was having a hard time finding online and I needed to feel it in person.

I may not have found the fabric I needed, but I did find a bunch of other fabrics I "needed".
I only brought home a few cuts but I did take notes and many pictures for reference so I can head back there soon to get more!
This is what I came home with.
I'm in love with the Michael Miller's gold Brambleberry Ridge. The two on the right are my favorites.

M&L is inside a huge warehouse. There were rows and rows and I went through them all.
I didn't want to miss anything.

The first section I browsed was the flat fold fabric. This was all marked down considerably. 
I got a few fun prints here from Robert Kauffman. Tufted tweets and metro living to name a few. They were stacked very neatly and I had to move a lot to get to the bottom flat folds I wanted.

There was a back room full of knits. All sorts of knits. I didn't get any of them but will for sure stock up another time.
Leggins, headbands, T-shirts, pj's... Oh I love Knit fabric!

The main building was full of shelves filled of bolts of quilters cottons.
Burlap, canvas, and fleece was among the selection as well.
I didn't go to the notions and trim section because I don't use those very much when sewing.

 Rows of Kona and Kaufman solids.

 Riley Blake and Kaufman chevrons and polka dots. Two entire rows!

Remix selections by Ann Kelle is one of my favorites.

The drive to get to this store was an hour for me. I noticed my watch when I was done shopping and it said I had been there for two hours. Then I drove home in pretty decent traffic.
It was a productive trip and I'm happy with the knowledge I have of this place now. I'm going to enjoy it for many years to come!

Monday, February 23, 2015

New year goal challenge prize

For over a year now, my family has been on this goal kick. We keep doing a challenge to keep each other accountable for our goals. Remember I mentioned it here back in 2014?

We offer prizes that you really want to win to help motivate you.
For the very first challenge, I offered a hand sewn pillow in the colors the winner got to choose. This was sewn and sent to my oldest sister who won the first round.

I'm a little intimidated to send things to this particular sister that I have sewn, She is the one who taught me the most about sewing. I learned so much from her when I was in younger. I would spend weeks with her learning how to sew garments that I could wear. The clothes I would sew with her help were nice and did not look handmade at all. I was proud to wear them because they looked professionally made.

I wanted to try a triangle pillow top for this pillow. I left some squares in tact as well.
The side has an invisible zipper and the front is quilted with a thin layer of warm and white cotton batting. Finished size is 16" x 16" with an 18 inch pillow form inside.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

heart shaped cupcakes

I've had lots of successful project completions from pinterest before. Haven't we all?
For Valentines Day this year, I thought I would make a quick dessert for my kids. I knew I had seen how to make heart shaped cupcakes somewhere so decided on those.
All I would need was a marble. Well, 18 marbles to be exact.
My son only had a few though.
Then I remembered aluminum foil. I saw from this talented lady how to use foil balls instead. They are safer and don't get hot in the oven and I had foil on hand.

Here the cupcakes are before going into the oven. See the little space there, where I stuffed the foil ball?
These are going to be perfect hearts!

And here we go with the afrer. All ready to eat.

Nailed it!
(pinterest fail)
Bigger foil balls must be a factor for successful heart shaped cupcakes I guess.