Monday, July 18, 2016

sunday style report: new zipper pouches for Christmas in July sale

Sunday in the summer is kind of unpredictable in our church building. One week the AC is on full blast and it's freezing inside and the next week the AC isn't cooling down enough and it's hot inside. Today was a day in between. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold for me, it was just right.

Chocolate brown sweater- H&M
Skirt- Ross (years ago...)
Mini Pouch wallet- edeenut
Shoes- Mia
Earrings- Nickel & Suede (I wear size medium)

These are a sneak peek of some new mini pouches that will be hitting the shop soon. After the Christmas in July sale this weekend, I'll add the remaining available pouches to the etsy shop. Be sure to sign up for my edeenut newsletter to get the details on the sale first, like the time and location to purchase. There will be a huge discount on all the 23 new bags for this Christmas In July Sale!
Tell me in the comments what design pouch you like best of these three!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

recovering vintage couch cushions with white linen

My recent project is re-covering the cushions for a vintage couch and matching side chair. The couch has a retro wooden frame and these funky old cushions. Blue velvet was on the seat cushions and a silky tan toile fabric was the back cushions. White linen was chosen as the new covering for the seat and the back cushions. There are eight cushions all together.

New cushions are something I have done so many times and think it's such an easy process. It's not super fast, because of the details and prep work, but it's an easy project.
Here are a few other posts where I have made new cushions covers:
Natural denim couch cover
Outdoor patio chairs
Outdoor front porch chairs

These retro cushions are going to be pretty nice when finished in white linen. I'll be sure to get an after shot when completed. I love how simple changes make such a huge difference.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

style report: running errands

Today was not a normal day sitting with the kids at home by the pool eating ice cream. Yep, I eat a lot of ice cream :) It was spent running errands and on the go... kids doctors appointments, swimming lessons, kids dropped off at friends, sporting event at night.
This is one of my favorite shirts, lightweight, casual, and dressy all at once. It is a bit sheer so I have to wear a layering shirt under. I matched it today with a purple knit, knee length skirt and a pink and gold statement necklace. To travel light, I had a my matching pink mini pouch for a wallet.
See the truth behind and reason I started my Sunday Style Report here.

  Knit Shirt- Forever21
Skirt- New York and Company
Mini Pouch wallet- edeenut
Necklace- Perry Street, Rocksbox

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

style report: alterning wide leg pants to narrow

Going through my closet, I realized I have a lot of pants from years ago, like maybe 5-10 years ago, that I never wear anymore. Back then I loved wide leg pants, they weren't bell bottoms, but more boot cut or wide leg.

A little updating them with the sewing machine, makes them a little more wearable for me today. This pair of tan pants were hardly ever worn. Maybe once every few months. I always rolled them up to capri length but the rolls were so wide and bulky. By taking the inner leg seam in, more than 4", they are now more wearable with a narrow leg opening.

After unpicking the bottom hem about 4" I unrolled it and marked the inner seam where I would sew, tapering down from just above the knee. After stitching the seam, I trimmed off the unwanted allowance and used a zig zag stitch to finish the fabric edge, instead of getting out my serger. To finish, I just rolled the hem back up and stitched it back along the hem line.

These are interesting pants because of the side pockets and ties by the knees and I'm pretty sure I'll get rid of the ties, but now they don't have so much bulk around the hems anymore. These pictures don't really show much of a drastic difference in leg width, but they are much better to wear now.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy July! Shop sales from edeenut

Are you on the edeenut email list? The most recent one just went out today.
The shop sale code for free domestic shipping was included and lasts all weekend long.
To be sure not to miss out on another upcoming sale or deal.