Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bathroom Wash canvas sign

Recently, the relief society, our group of ladies 18+ at church did a Super Saturday craft day.
This is normally once a year with 5-6 crafts offered.
You come spend the day visiting, eat lunch, and make your crafts.
I was in charge of helping people sew up a ribbon and bow holder for little girls.
Another project was making handmade chapstick with with essential oils. 
One craft I didn't get completed that day was a canvas wall hanging for the bathroom.

It's pretty easy,  but it still took me a couple weeks to find the time to finish it on my own.
The idea is to finish your things that day because who needs another unfinished project laying around their house?

I choose the colors for this canvas with my shower curtain in mind.
First, I painted a strip of the blue paint on my canvas.
Then I added a couple drops of white to the blue and mixed it in very well to paint the next strip.
Continuing on in this manner I ended with a very light blue strip.

The words were cut out with a Cricket from decorative scrapbook paper.
After the canvas was dry, I mod podged the words on top and hung it up.

I'm pretty sure my boys will not see these reminding words "flush, wash, brush, floss" and become experts over night, but one can dream right? If nothing else, at least they will get to see a colorful piece of art in the bathroom while they stare and make faces in the mirror at themselves.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Christmas Advent Calendar Tradition

I've been making the same advent calendar for years now and it's like the one I use in my home with my kids.
I grew up using an advent calendar with my siblings and Christmas is just not the same for me with out it!

As I sew these,
I can imagine all the mom's who are buying them for their families to use and set that tradition in motion for their children!

This year I decided to offer a few other styles of calendars to the shop for more options.
That way you can find the perfect one for your home that will go with your families lifestyle.

The first new style is made form 25 little bags that can be filled with anything you wish:
little treats, gifts, stickers, activity papers. Options are endless.
There are two sets of bags right now. They are bright red and festive.

The fabrics in the first option have lots of reds, and a few green forest of trees.

The fabrics in the second option have red dots and decorated trees on a white background.
These are alternating 1-25.

The other calendar styles are more simple and they show off the festive fabric on the top or down the center.
They have the same size of pockets as my original calendar.
They come with no extra detail to the pockets, just embroidered numbers.

One size is wider and it will look perfect hanging on your wall anywhere.
You can hang it with two small nails or tacks from the dowel (you provide).
The top can be customized if desired with a name.

The last option is a longer size.
It hangs down from a dowel as well (this one is provided because it's shorter and will fit in the mailing package).
You can use nails and tacks to hang it or use an over the door hanger.

No matter what your traditions are during the Christmas season, I'm sure that there is an advent calendar to fit your lifestyle and add a touch of festiveness to your home.
I want to give a huge Thank You to every past customer who have purchased their advent calendars.
I truly enjoy making them!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade

I love cold beverages in the summer. My mouth drools seeing all the options to drink.

We have an organic produce farm down the country road from us and I love getting it fresh.
Right now they have strawberries and watermelon.
I have fresh lemon juice in abundance from this post, and so this recipe was just waiting to happen. The original recipe is from Amy of Frosted bake shop.
Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

For my taste, I added and extra 1/4 Cup lemon juice so it wasn't so sweet.
Although it was still too sweet for me so next time I will cut back on the sugar or leave it all out.
I used frozen lemon juice cubes from fresh lemons and half of the water was frozen ice cubes so there was a slight slush which is so refreshing.  
Next time I will cut back slightly on the watermelon too.
I would love to try this at a party setting with Sprite instead of water like suggested in the original recipe.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer lemonade Slush

I don't mean for this to be a food blog.
There is no way I could ever take the professional looking food images that food bloggers use.
I do love food though, and this was a yummy frozen treat we made for the hot summer days we've been having.
It was a success and so I snapped some photos to share here on my "every day creative blog"!

My neighbor brought me over a huge shopping bag full of lemons.
Her husband has an office right by the truck weigh station.
When the trucks are too heavy they have to get rid of weight or pay and
most of the fresh produce trucks going by will get rid of produce to lighten the load.
This time it was a lemon truck and we got to enjoy them.

We made lemonade a few times and with the rest,
I juiced them to freeze in ice cube trays.
When they were frozen I dumped them in four quart-size freezer bags.
Now any time I need lemon juice I am set!

My husband found this homemade lemonade recipe on, Best Lemonade Ever.
He made the first batch and we loved it. It makes a lot too!
I like my lemonade on the tart side and this was too sweet for me so the next time I made it,
I added about 1/4 cup more lemon juice and cut back the sugar by 1/4 cup. So Good!

We poured the lemonade in our frozen 2 qt. ice cream maker,
and let it freeze for about 20 minutes to get a nice slush.
This would work well with any juice or liquid I'm sure, and you could have all flavors of slush.

Here is the first minute after pouring the liquid in the freezer.

After 10 minutes.

And after 20 minutes.
I left it in a few more minutes and then scooped it out in our cups to drink.
What kinds of frozen treats have you made?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Freezer cinnamon rolls for a month

I love to have food ready to eat. I don't enjoy cooking dinner everyday because there is so much to do anyway.
Come dinner time I just don't feel like cooking every single night seven days a week.
We don't eat out a lot and I like to feed my family healthy foods.
So I cook or do the prep work maybe once or twice a week for the entire week.
I use my deep freezer to its full capacity.

Desserts are the same as dinner for me.
I love to eat them but don't like to start from scratch all the time to make them.
Fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls are a special treat at our house.

The other day I made up a large batch of cinnamon rolls and this is how I freeze them to last for a while.
They are one dessert my husband always gives me a hard time about not making enough.
But they are time consuming to make all the time.
So I thought I would save time and make them once to enjoy them 6 times.

The recipe I use makes two jelly roll pans full so I divided that up into smaller aluminum pans and ended up with 7 separate servings.
We ate one pan the same day and I froze the other six.

I separated the dough into two balls and roll them out one at a time.
It's easier to work with two smaller ones that one large roll.
After I have the ball rolled to into a rectangle I spread a thin layer of butter on top.
Then sprinkle the cinnamon and brown sugar mix all over it.
I usually go heavy on this mix.

Roll up the rectangle into a roll and slice the roll into about 1" thick discs.
See how long the roll of dough is, that is only one ball?
That is why I divide it into two before I start.
I use regular old sewing thread to slice the discs.

I lightly spray the pans I'm using and lay the sliced discs in them touching each other. 
I can fit six into each pan.

I usually only plan on them being in the freezer for a month or so,
but I still want them to stay as fresh as they can so I wrap them up good.
I start with plastic wrap and cover them nicely,
after that I put a cut piece of cardboard on top and tape it in place on two sides.
This is to allow the pans to stack on top of each other in the freezer without squishing the rolls.
Then I put a layer of aluminum foil on top.

Write the date on the foil and the oven temperature along with the cooking time,
if you don't have that memorized.

I also make a cream cheese frosting and divide it into smaller round containers to freeze.
They thaw very fast after being put in the fridge overnight.
After we cook the cinnamon rolls we add the frosting to our own individual rolls on our plates.

When I am ready to cook up a pan, I usually just take a pan out of the freezer the night before and let it thaw in the fridge over night.
The next day, I let them sit on the counter to warm up and rest a bit before I bake them.
Sorry no pictures of my frosting or the final cinnamon roll cooked, I usually eat them up too fast without thinking of taking a picture.

What foods do you like to freeze to save time?