Thursday, May 26, 2016

party ideas with edeenut mini Spool Buntings

Customers give me the best inspiration! I love seeing the parties and decorating ideas everyone uses my mini spool buntings for. Check out #spoolbunting on Instagram and see more ideas shared! I am so thankful for all the shares and all of you for loving my Spool Buntings!

This is my farm themed/cowboy themed mini Spool Bunting. It's a popular one lately. I love the look of the burlap linen for texture. And those hay bales on the table display, what a fun party!

Unpolished & Pretty makes these adorable wooden cake stands. My mini bunting wrapped around the edge, paired with a lace crown from Love Crush Boutique is the perfect smash cake for a First Birthday.

The Honaker Home Maker has these really fun colorful pom balls and stars available in the exact same colors as my Cotton Candy Spool Bunting.

Julie from Lemony Stitch paired my Primary Rainbow mix Spool Bunting with her Celebrate HAPPY Everyday marquee sign made by Heidi Swapp.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

leather tear drop earrings from Nickel and Suede

If I'm not wearing earrings I feel kind of naked. Even if there are days I don't really get dressed up or leave the house, I still love to have a pair of earrings in. Over the years I have gone from studs to only wearing dangle earrings and now the larger the better. I'm not a huge earring girl but I do like them big now. I have stopped buying certain styles because they are just too small for my liking.
I mentioned when I got my ears pierced here in this story. 

For a while I have noticed Nickel and Suede Earrings around on social media. I was intrigued and seriously thought I better try them out because they claim to be life changing and lightweight, even though they were pretty large. I hesitated at first because of the price, but then I realized that the cost is what is what I usually spent on earrings in the past that I love. So I bit the bullet and bought my first pair of leather teardrop earrings. A few days after wearing them, I had to buy another pair, I loved them so much. And then the next month, bought my third pair! It's been two months and I'm not really interested in going back to any of my other earrings!
I got all my pairs in size medium. Small seemed too small and I wasn't ready to go all the way up to large. I am super happy with medium and think they are the perfect size for me now. I may like to try the large some day though.

These are lightweight and make a bold statement when worn, without even feeling them. I also love the subtle smell of leather through out the day, it is one of my most favorite smells ever.

These leather tear drops have accompanied me on school pick up runs and scout drop off, piano lessons, the orthodontist, hockey games and to church on Sunday. They are easily dressed up or perfect for everyday casual wear. If I didn’t apply make-up one day, I still felt put together.

Right after my braces side band broke!

T-shirt- (image of my Dad's vintage Chevy Impala) for our family reunion, designed by Stock Pal
Jeans- Target
Earrings- Nickel & Suede
Purse- Fossil

*This is not a sponsored post, and I'm not getting paid for this, I just love to share a good thing with you when I love it.

Monday, May 23, 2016

from my child's mouth: my mom is prettiest when she looks like a zoo animal

My kids are so innocent and sweet, most the time. I get a kick out of what they pick up on from my husband and I. It's crazy what they see or hear us do and then repeat. They trust us so much that it's kind of scary.
A recent event on Mothers Day still makes me chuckle out loud.

Background: My husband has a name for every article of clothing I own. It's never just a T-shirt to him, It's more like "You're wearing your prisoner shirt..." if it's a black and white striped shirt. Or else, my "cow shirt" if it's a black and white speckled shirt... I also have a sweet tart shirt (it's a light heather pink color). My kids hear this every day from his mouth and so they have just assumed it as normal. Although, my black sexy dress is usually not said out loud in front of the kids.

So, I have this maxi skirt that's pretty comfortable and is the perfect fit. I love it a lot. It's also black and white striped. This particular skirt has become my zebra skirt.

The morning of Mother's Day I was given a card/book my youngest son had made in school. Every page had a different question to answer. They were all great! It's always fun to hear what little kids really think. One page was titled, "My mom is prettiest when..."
As I read this out loud, my husband and I had a hard time keeping a straight face!

My mom looks prettiest when in her Zebra outfit. 
It's white with black stripes. 
Her hair is put down in the back...

 I usually have my hair in a ponytail or have my hair pulled back so I guess he notices when it's down!

Black shirt- New York and Company
Maxi Skirt- (I took 2" off the bottom hem) New York and Company  
Knit blazer- Forever 21
Stamped necklace-  SosoBella 
Earrings- Nickel & Suede

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

truth behind my Sunday Style Report - part 1

Here’s the truth (part 1). When I started writing my Sunday StyleReport posts HERE, my main goal was to encourage myself to actually get dressed and out of pj’s or yoga pants! I honestly had such a hard time with this. Admittedly, some days I would just throw on a sweatshirt over the t-shirt I wore to bed and not even put on a bra…yikes! That’s how bad I was. I usually have to get up early and take my kids to school. I am not a morning person. I have never been a morning person so I chose to sleep until the last possible minute and then throw on a sweatshirt and go. If my husband took the kids to school one day, then I really had no excuse why I didn’t get dressed.

My style was, “I didn’t plan to get out of the car”. I would hope and pray that I didn’t get in a fender bender or that some other mother at drop of wouldn't hit my rear bumper forcing me to get out of the car and deal with it, in my pink plaid pants! (This did happen once, you would think I would have learned!)

After school drop off, if I didn’t have any plans out of the house that certain afternoon, I sadly would just get busy cleaning or sewing for edeenut or doing other projects staying in my pjs until it was time to pick up kids. Then I got dressed before heading off to school pickup with a ponytail.

I actually have more of a hard time getting dress recently than I ever did with young kids. With my young kids I was going to play group, heading to the park regularly, and going inside the preschool for pick up instead of just drive by like now. I don't feel like I had a problem then.

So back to now, I usually got a lot accomplished during the day by working and cleaning (yeah, and Netflix did have away of creeping in!), but I was feeling scroungy in my pj's. I was feeling ugly when I would walk by a mirror. Sadly, I thought I looked like a boy with no make up on. This was depressing. But on days I did actually get dressed early, I felt motivated and I just felt good about myself. I knew if UPS knocked on the door, I could just wait ten minutes until he was gone to get my package. 

No more. I choose to get dressed and now I am proving it with my Sunday Style Reports.

I have plans for these tan pants, I would wear them more often if they were a different fit, so I'll sew that soon and show you the after.
 T-shirt- forever21
Pants- JC Penny, old
Shoes- Rainbow
Satement necklace- from Rocksbox

If you want to try out your own free month of jewelry head on over to Rocksbox and use
Code: edithbff11 

When I spend even 10 minutes or less on my make-up, I felt put together. If I just curl my eye lashes I look a lot better, even if I do skip mascara.
This change makes a huge difference in how I see myself. I don’t want to be depressed and ugly all day. I want to feel good about myself. I don’t want my hubby to get home and see me in the exact same lounge clothes he saw me in before work.
I want him to still look at me as the wife he married.

This whole thing is really hard for me still and there have been some days that I resort back to my old ways, but for the most part I am improving and this will become a habit. I still wear ponytails, I don't always wear make up, but I am loving adding jewelry to make me put together more!

I’m pretty simple in my style. I’m not claiming to be a fashion blogger up on the newest trends. I am a simple mom and wife who wants to look and feel her best. My best is not anyone else’s best. It is mine alone. I’m a pretty frugal spender and don’t spend a lot on clothes. I like to shop though, don't get me wrong :) I'm just pretty aware of what things cost and what I want to spend.

I think that when I dwell on social media on the nicely dressed, put together moms out there, who are always dressed to perfection, it's easy to get depressed. It's easy to feel like if I can't be like that, why try? By remembering that my perfect isn't anyone else's perfect, I able to allow myself to relax and just do what I can do for me. No need to keep up with the social media Joneses.  And I bet their perfect day is not as common as I see it on social media.

Black shirt- New York and Company
Maxi Skirt- (I took 2" off the bottom hem) New York and Company  
Knit blazer- Forever 21
Shoes- Blowfish from Zappos
Stamped necklace-  SosoBella 
Earrings- Nickel & Suede

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

sunday style report - altering a knit dress

There is nothing like getting the right fit the first time, in person, in the store, but convenience has become a huge part of my life right now and so I order clothes online a lot. Most places have free return shipping or the option to return in the store if the fit is off. Old Navy has this as well as zappos and other shoe sights. Just be sure to read the return policy, if you purchase this way to be sure.

I've ordered a few items from Old Navy recently and as cute as they were in the pictures, they were just as cute in person. I don't always luck out, but I have gotten pretty good at knowing what sizes to order and what will look good on my body type.
Often an item or two will need a little altering to fit me the way I want. I have kind of broad shoulders for my frame. You may laugh, but really, I do! I wear xs-small in most tops, but sometimes I choose to buy one size up to accommodate my shoulders. The larger size allows the shoulder line (seam) to lay on my shoulder edge, where it belongs, and not ride up to my neck. With the shoulder seam fitting me properly, I will usually take in just a bit of the side seam from the sleeve down with my sewing machine. This way I have a size small shirt but with shoulders that fit me.

My most recent purchase was this black striped knit T-shrit dress. It has a front pocket and one side slit. The size small, I ordered, was supposed to fit a little loose, but I preferred it to be a little less loose than it really was. Instead of returning the dress to the store, I kept it because the shoulder seams fit me just right. For the sides, you guessed it, I just took them about 1.25" on each side. In the final picture below you can't really tell a huge difference in the 2.5" total taken in, but it feels much better and more flattering.

Stitching the seam on the side with the slit. Be sure to use a ball point needle and use a stretch stitch, or narrow zig zag, available on your machine for knits.
      After sewing up and trimming, I used a zig zag stitch to finish the edges. My serger was packed away or I would have sewn the entire seam with that.

Working around the side slit, the top stitching needed to be unpicked a few inches and then when I was done sewing the sides, I folded the seam allowance back and top stitched it down just as it had been before.
Have any questions, let me know! This is just basic info of what I did, not in too deep detail because I think it's a pretty easy alteration. The same method can be used on basically any shirt/dress with connected sleeves and side seams and not inset sleeves. I'm happy to help if you need more info!

Side seam slit
Before and After

T-shirt dress-Old Navy
Jacket- Old Navy
Shoes- Blowfish
Earrings- Nickel and Suede
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