Thursday, January 22, 2015

St. Patrick's Day decorating

St. Patrick's Day is upon us and decorating your house for holidays has never been so easy. Hanging up a festive banner over the mantle place, or on the wall, adds a fun touch to any house.

My sewing table has been looking forward to March and is ready to get it's green on. Find these banners in my shop for instant shipping.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

decorating with red & pink for Valentine's Day. plus, win a banner of your own

February is such a busy month at my house. It's shorter and so it seems to just fly by.
We have my Birthday, the very next day is my husband's Birthday, and then a few days later, V-day sneaks up. My husband is also smack dab in the middle of busy season at work so we don't see him a a lot.
We have never really gone out to do anything special for V-day, but I do like to do fun things around the house to make the month exciting for my kids.

We have fun little mail boxes, from the dollar spot at Target, that we sit out. We add little notes to each other every day. Even after doing this for six years, this tradition is still going strong.

Last year we did a little mystery restaurant for dinner and my kids are pushing to do that again.

I also add a festive pink and red fabric banner to the fireplace mantle. It's not overpowering the front room either by yelling "Valentine's Day!"

I made a lot of these banners for my recent deal on Jane. There are also a few listed in my shop to add to your own house this February.
You can also win one one of these banners on my Instagram page @edeenut head over there to see how!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

around the town: upstairs JoAnns

There had been talk of opening an IKEA in the large vacant building in Riverside Plaza a couple years ago. I knew it was just rumors I was reading, but still hoped it was true.
Instead of IKEA, the building was used for a Nordstorm Rack downstairs, and a Joann's and Marshall's upstairs. Those are all desirable stores but still not what I and many others had hoped.

It ended up being almost a year before I finally made it inside this Joann's, but finally, I had to check it out. I have a Joann's in my neighborhood and it's quicker to get to, explaining the delay for this shopping trip. Riverside Plaza has many stores I do frequent though, like Trader Joe's, JoS. A. Bank, Forever 21, and delicious restraunts like Dickie's BBQ Pit and Market Broiler.

The view was nice from the second floor balcony and it was still early morning so the parking lot was not crowded. Those who shop Riverside Plaza know that parking, especially at lunch time and weekends, can get crazy.

The JoAnn's upstairs has escalators or an elevator to access it. My son was in heaven on the escalator. I didn't see any shopping carts in the parking lot and didn't think that I would shop here if I had a ton of things to buy (like I frequently do). I would feel pretty sill in the elevator with a shopping cart to take my stuff to my car. The shopping cart selection inside was huge, even larger than the super center I normally shop at. I can't imagine them all ever getting used at one time.

Inside felt a bit like the old school Joann's I remember, back before they build all the new "super centers". I was hoping this one would be a big super center like the one in Ontario, CA.
It was disappointing to go inside and see the skinny isles in the dark old building.
There was one main isle down the store all the way to the back with an isle against each side wall running to the back. Every free space it seemed like they filled up with rolling carts with merchandise.

They had all the regular fabrics and trims that I was looking for this particular trip.
There was also the long wall of quilters cottons and as it went back, turned into utility fabrics and muslin and fleece. They did have a nice display of premium quilters cottons that included Denyse Schmidt and Juliana Horner Designs.

I didn't make it to the craft or scrap book sections so I can't comment on the selections offered. I was happy with the fabrics and trims so if what I need runs out at my local store I will be able to happily check for it here.

Do you have a Joann's near you? Is it old school or a newer one?
 I would love to hear how it is around your town.
I am lucky to have 5 within 30 minutes of me, with the closest only 5 minutes away.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

pink triangles pillow

Another Christmas present I made in December, was this pink triangle throw pillow. I actually made it before I did the larger quilt as a practice to get used to 60 degree triangles. This pillow was for a sweet little niece.

The pillow has a side, invisible zipper closure and the back is the white and pink damask print by Amy Butler.
One thing I love about piecing triangles is how easy they are to just sew up and not have to lay out the pieces first, if you don't feel like it. I didn't mind having some of the same fabrics touch each other or repeat more often. It's a totally random placement.

Monday, December 29, 2014

triangle quilt

I gave a few handmade Christmas gifts this month to family members and am happy to be able to share them now.
For my brother's family I decided to make a quilt. I had been wanting to try the 60 degree triangles and thought this was the perfect opportunity.

I chose a lot of masculine colors because my brother and sister in law have a house full of boys and I thought it would go well with their home style. The piecing went easy and quick enough even though not all my points match up.
I used a navy blue minky fabric for the back and used warm and natural cotton batting inside.
It is 50" X 60" and the binding is a blue and cream plaid by DS (Denyse Schmidt) for JoAnns.
For the first time, I sewed the binding on with my machine and now I'm never going back to hand sewing my binding again. It was a breeze with my walking foot and it turned out perfectly.

After quilting, washing, and drying the quilt it's not even noticeable that all the points don't match up!
I love it. It was a heavy quilt and my 12 year old was having a hard time holding it up for me to photo it.

Another first with this quilt was using spray basting, no pins. I laid it out on my dining room table and sprayed each layer together and wow, what have I been waiting for? I'll going to use that stuff again. During quilting, it stayed put and there was no bunching or puckers at the end.

I wanted to hurry and mail it off after finishing but wanted to say the colors are pretty true to the photos: blues, grays, lime green, subdued khaki greens, and red.  The lime green threw off my camera though and the other colors didn't show well in the dark.
My son asked me if I would make him one... We'll see,