Thursday, December 11, 2014

A touch of Christmas

Decorating my house for Christmas transforms it into a comfortable place to reflect on the meaning of the season. I love the lights and the greenery and the relaxing feel as I sit on the couch to take it all in. I love the celebration of Christ's birth and the love that he brings into the world.

Our piano has a lighted garland with a set of soft, stuffed trees I made about 15 years ago! My sister and I had a craft night one December, in college, and this was our project.

Around the corner from the piano, is a print I got from Graceforgrace shop on etsy. I love how the lights from the Christmas tree reflect in the glass of the frame.

This JOY fabric sign I made a while ago, is snug in the red frame. It is hung from a wreath hanger over the closet door in the entry.

 This quilt comes out once a year and adds lots of festive reds and greens to the back of the chair.

Decorating the Christmas tree is one my families favorite traditions. We each get a new ornament every December to add to the tree. This is something my kids look forward to every year. When they get married and have a tree of their own, they will have a collection of ornaments to take with them. I have memories associated with all my ornaments from growing up.
This Charlie Brown ornament has seen better days, but it is a favorite of mine, and helps me remember decorating the tree with my brothers and sisters.

There are ornaments I made when I was younger. In 1986 I was 6 years old!

There are ornaments my son made when he was 6 too.

Also, ornaments from Baby's first Christmas! This is one of my favorites. After we adopted my youngest in November, I wanted to get something special to remember his first Christmas.

I have the entire set of the Willow tree nativity scene, but this year I opted to just put out the simple holy family and a few animals. This picture me happy, such a peaceful birth scene with a special baby and his parents.

The twine wrapped trees I made years ago, come out every year now. I began adding some lights to the inside for sparkle. I love the way they look at night when our overhead lights are off. Even during the daytime, the lights add a twinkle to the trees and make them stand out on our fireplace mantle.

Our stockings are my still one of my favorite things to hang up! I made them about 7 years ago and I am not sick of them yet, so It's pretty safe to say they are not going anywhere. The first stockings I made for our family are not being used anymore because we needed four and I wasn't really happy with the way I followed the sewing pattern for them. But these are perfect and I love everything about them, the shape, the color, the shiny cuff, everything!
I am working on name tags to hang from them so we can get rid of the make shift tags, colorful foam shapes, we've been using...


The red cuff is a nice shiny fabric and sometimes it shines red and sometimes it shows as green. It's very hard to capture with a camera.

And finally, we have our wreath that hangs outside our door. It helps to cover up the ugliness and paint pealing on our door. I got the wreath with pine cones on it plain green a few years ago and then I added the metal stars and bells, the red berries and white berries and bow.


Friday, November 21, 2014

mini bunting inspiration

I have seen so many ideas and parties that customers have used my mini buntings for and I’m impressed with their creativity.  All the ideas they’ve shared with me have far surpassed the potential I ever had for these little things when I first started offering them.
I want to show you a few ideas that they have been used for recently and hope that this will spark your imagination with your own little roll.

I appreciate everyone who purchases from my shop. When I send off an item to it’s new home, I want it to be received with joy and excitement, almost like it’s a gift. Packaging is the first thing seen when the item arrives and I hope that the initial feeling is a happy one. I like to send a little thank you note along each time too. Over time, the note has varied from different papers and cards. The most recent cards I've been using are from Tiny Prints I chose the little "fetching flags" design because that is what my shop is about and the colors are aqua and peach/orange. 
I wanted to incorporate my own touch to the cards so I glued some mini bunting on the front to add dimension. 

Joann, from Floor 24 designs, used some of the black and white mini bunting for her son's, French themed, Birthday party. There are not a lot of French theme ideas for boys but she was creative and came up with a party that was sophisticated and classy without the "ooh-la-la" pink.You need to go check out her entire post about the party, the food and decorations are to die for!
The black and white mini buntings were a nice touch to the cake stands.

When it comes to School teachers and gifts, I try to not procrastinate. Most the teachers we’ve had over the years have requested no treats. My son’s kindergarten teacher, one year, requested that the kids just draw her a picture. I loved that idea! Although, I like to give them something that will be useful and let them know how much they are appreciated.
For Christmas this year, we are going with a sleek, black, personalized mug. It has a feminine chalkboard design on the front. Inside, we added some pencils and white board markers. Teachers go through these markers like crazy.


To fancy up the wrapping, I added a torn fabric strip tied in a bow. 
A helium balloon floats above, with a sting of mini bunting keeping it attached to the mug. 

Imagine using the mini buntings for a big bouquet of balloons. 
Lots of colorful strings dangling down at a party would be beautiful.

Keep sending me your ideas, I love seeing them! I will continue featuring your ideas here.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bathroom Wash canvas sign

Recently, the relief society, our group of ladies 18+ at church did a Super Saturday craft day.
This is normally once a year with 5-6 crafts offered.
You come spend the day visiting, eat lunch, and make your crafts.
I was in charge of helping people sew up a ribbon and bow holder for little girls.
Another project was making handmade chapstick with with essential oils. 
One craft I didn't get completed that day was a canvas wall hanging for the bathroom.

It's pretty easy,  but it still took me a couple weeks to find the time to finish it on my own.
The idea is to finish your things that day because who needs another unfinished project laying around their house?

I choose the colors for this canvas with my shower curtain in mind.
First, I painted a strip of the blue paint on my canvas.
Then I added a couple drops of white to the blue and mixed it in very well to paint the next strip.
Continuing on in this manner I ended with a very light blue strip.

The words were cut out with a Cricket from decorative scrapbook paper.
After the canvas was dry, I mod podged the words on top and hung it up.

I'm pretty sure my boys will not see these reminding words "flush, wash, brush, floss" and become experts over night, but one can dream right? If nothing else, at least they will get to see a colorful piece of art in the bathroom while they stare and make faces in the mirror at themselves.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Christmas Advent Calendar Tradition

I've been making the same advent calendar for years now and it's like the one I use in my home with my kids.
I grew up using an advent calendar with my siblings and Christmas is just not the same for me with out it!

As I sew these,
I can imagine all the mom's who are buying them for their families to use and set that tradition in motion for their children!

This year I decided to offer a few other styles of calendars to the shop for more options.
That way you can find the perfect one for your home that will go with your families lifestyle.

The first new style is made form 25 little bags that can be filled with anything you wish:
little treats, gifts, stickers, activity papers. Options are endless.
There are two sets of bags right now. They are bright red and festive.

The fabrics in the first option have lots of reds, and a few green forest of trees.

The fabrics in the second option have red dots and decorated trees on a white background.
These are alternating 1-25.

The other calendar styles are more simple and they show off the festive fabric on the top or down the center.
They have the same size of pockets as my original calendar.
They come with no extra detail to the pockets, just embroidered numbers.

One size is wider and it will look perfect hanging on your wall anywhere.
You can hang it with two small nails or tacks from the dowel (you provide).
The top can be customized if desired with a name.

The last option is a longer size.
It hangs down from a dowel as well (this one is provided because it's shorter and will fit in the mailing package).
You can use nails and tacks to hang it or use an over the door hanger.

No matter what your traditions are during the Christmas season, I'm sure that there is an advent calendar to fit your lifestyle and add a touch of festiveness to your home.
I want to give a huge Thank You to every past customer who have purchased their advent calendars.
I truly enjoy making them!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade

I love cold beverages in the summer. My mouth drools seeing all the options to drink.

We have an organic produce farm down the country road from us and I love getting it fresh.
Right now they have strawberries and watermelon.
I have fresh lemon juice in abundance from this post, and so this recipe was just waiting to happen. The original recipe is from Amy of Frosted bake shop.
Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

For my taste, I added and extra 1/4 Cup lemon juice so it wasn't so sweet.
Although it was still too sweet for me so next time I will cut back on the sugar or leave it all out.
I used frozen lemon juice cubes from fresh lemons and half of the water was frozen ice cubes so there was a slight slush which is so refreshing.  
Next time I will cut back slightly on the watermelon too.
I would love to try this at a party setting with Sprite instead of water like suggested in the original recipe.