Wednesday, November 23, 2016

sunday style report: denim and leather

Sometimes easy outfits are the best. I love when I can wear one dress and not have to worry about matching or coordinating a top and a bottom, skirt or pants. A dress is super convenient for so many reasons.
This shirt dress is still going strong and on repeat every month or so. My husband doesn't like it at all, but I do and it makes my life easier.

I got this new leather wrap bracelet this week and love it so much! My wrists are pretty tiny so I was happy to have this come and fit me perfectly!
Hopefully the leather accessories will cancel out my awkward faces, ha! This is the best of the bunch.

Shirt dress- Old Navy
Earrings- Nickel and Suede
Bracelet- LieBaMarket

Friday, September 23, 2016

speaking of Autumn: style report

The colors of Autumn are my favorite. I love all the mustard yellow, the dark greens, burgundy, navy blues, and browns. This zipper pouch is one of my favorites with a waxed canvas bottom and metal zipper to add a nice texture for the present season.

Shirt- Hello Apparel
Jeans- Gap Factory
Earrings- Nickel and Suede
Fold over clutch- Edeenut
Hair style- 30 seconds this morning :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

cozy flannel shirt zipper pouches

I've added some cozy flannel zipper pouches to the shop this week, just in time for the first day of Autumn. These are so cozy and full of texture with canvas bottoms. Reminds me of your favorite flannel shirt to pull on and keep nice and cozy with.

The top two are coin size, 3.5" x 5" and perfectly fit a credit card and other small things.

These two striped flannel pouches are larger, 5" x 6.5" and are backed in a soft linen burlap. They are padded and perfect for your phone and purse free trips. 
Flannel is so wonky to sew with hahaa.

Matching wrist straps are available as well.

Wishing you a happy and festive first day of Autumn!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

style report: saying good bye to, please stay

It's a sad day when I wake up and feel too chilly to put on shorts. I love wearing jeans, but I still want my warmer days to last. I will take September-October any day. In southern California, those are the best months.
This was the first week I wore pants while dropping off my youngest at school. I quickly changed out of them into shorts the first chance I got when the chill was gone.

These straight cuff jeans are a new one for me. I got them at the gap factory and decided they are pretty cute. They were kind of tight on my first order, so I exchanged them for a less constricting, larger size. I'm not ever sure I could wear true skinny jeans!

zipper clutch- edeenut
earrings- Nickel and Suede

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

brown sugar oatmeal pancakes for a teen boy

My young teen boy has been eating us out of our kitchen for the past year. Last July he began to grow and he hasn't stopped yet. Last year he was about 5' 2" and weighed 104 lb. This July he was 5' 7" and weighing 136lb. Two wardrobes later, he is starting to slow down but he's still eating like crazy.
He's started playing water polo on his high school team and has been practicing every day for hours. his coach told them to plan on an 8000 calorie diet. He eats so much but burns it right back off.
I have been stocking our kitchen full of easy and quick and healthy foods for him to take with him when he leaves in the morning. My husband has also been sure to stock up on the tasty foods that are very full of calories, like those huge muffins you get from Costco.

This week mornings have been become a lot earlier than we are used to. My son has early morning seminary for the youth ages 14-18. It begins at 6:15 AM and he eats breakfast before he leaves. From seminary, he heads right to school and he eats his second breakfast on the go that he has packed with him.

I want him to start the day with a healthy breakfast option before he heads out so one food that I stock up on is our favorite brown sugar oatmeal pancakes with wheat flour. They are perfect for a breakfast on the run if needs be because they are delicious even without syrup. They are good to eat warm or cold and are very filling.

The recipe can be found over on my sister's blog here.
These are worth a try because everyone who has had these before has loved them!
I usually four times the batch when I make them, but this time I made eight times and it made just over 80 pancakes. These freeze very well and we take out what we need the night before so they can thaw in the fridge.
My KitchenAid Mixer can handle the batch four times but for eight times I had to use the huge bowl of my trusty Bosch Mixer.

So tell me, do you have a teen son, what does he like to eat, what kind of things are you always sure to have in stock?