Sunday, August 21, 2016

sunday style report: easy casual shirt dress

Finding a shirt dress that is long enough for me is not an easy task. I discovered this old navy denim button up dress and ordered it in a size Small Tall. I wish there was and XS option in Tall, but the Small has been okay and I've still worn it. If it bothers me too much down the road, I may take in the sides a bit with my sewing machine, but for now there is a tie for the waist so I just wear it as is.

Even with the side slits, the length is long enough. It's super comfortable and I love it as a casual Sunday dress or daily dress if needed.

Denim shirt dress- Old Navy (small Tall)
Mini Pouch wallet- edeenut
Shoes- Mia
Earrings- Nickel & Suede (I wear size medium)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

style report: summer swimwear for the Colorado River

Every summer we look forward to our week at the Colorado River. After attending an early church meeting on Sunday, we come home pack up our car and headed out on our drive to the Colorado River. We head to the Arizona town of Parker and spend a week just north on the banks of the river camping, in camper trailers, with AC because it's ridiculously hot. The week we were there, temps ranged from 111-115. The water was 80 and just perfect! This is a fun time spent with family and cousins for my kids to play with. We live in our swimming suits all day long. At night we shower, put on pajamas and sleep nice and clean. The next day we wake up put on swimming suits and live in them until bed time. It's the best!

My son wake boarding.
I will spare you a shot of me in my swimming suits every day because, well, I'm not a swim suit model. I don't have fancy stylish swimming suits to show off either. I will tell you that my favorite swimming suits are from Hapari. I love the bandeau style. I own a couple, in fact I just purchased this one, and it's on sale if you hurry. These are comfortable and have the right amount of support. I don't feel like I am showing off anything and I feel pretty modest in these tops when bending or twisting. Well, as modest as you can feel in a swimming suit, ha!

My favorite thing to wear when at the River is my Isis Riviera, nylon wrap skirt. It is made of a nylon fabric and dries super quick. Quicker than anything else I've ever worn in the water. I don't swim in this skirt, or wouldn't ski or wake board in it, but sometimes I keep it on for a little dip in the water to cool off. I wear it when in the boat, or riding a Sea Doo. My bare legs and upper thighs don't stick to the seats or burn with it on because the seats have been in the sun all day.
The skirt is perfect to wrap around and slip on quickly. It closes with velcro on each side and stays secure sitting low on the waist. There are side pockets, one with a velcro closure. I wear mine all day over my swimming suit with a tank and love the coverage it gives when I'm in my suit all day long at the River. It's much more practical to me than wearing a little swimming suit dress coverup.
I've had my skirt for so long, about 3 years, that the design on the front is starting to wear away. It doesn't really matter to me though. The skirt is no longer available in retail stores but you may be able to find one on ebay. I'm on the look for another one because I love mine so much. Mine is a size small and hard to find anywhere.
Here is a great review I came across of the same skirt.

Tank- Under Armour
Skirt- Isis Riviera
Hat- Target
Shoes- Rainbow 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

september newsletter going out this weekend

Every month I've been trying to get my newsletter ready to send out. Some months it hasn't made it but I'm working on making it a regular thing.
You can sign up for it  >>HERE<<

There are many benefits of being on the list, early sales updates before anyone, freebies offered, and other specials only offered to those on the mailing list.

I'm not going to give any secrets away but I'll let you have a little peek of what may be included in the newsletter for September. If you love Christmas as much as I do and love planning ahead, then you will want to be sure you're signed up to receive this never before offered deal!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

fabirc tape, stamps, and twine

The colors orange and aqua are still my for my shop. I am drawn to them and have been for years and don't think I'll ever tire of them.
If you google Teal, Aqua, or Turquoise, you will pretty much get a variety of colors under each name that are the same. It's so tricky. I always thought that turquoise was more green, and teal had more light blue, and aqua was the pretty ocean water color, not the green color, but the beautiful vacation deserted island ocean water.

See HERE for some color and names that will make you more confused.
Anyway, I've chosen to call the color I use Aqua.

I recently ordered a custom rubber stamp from Kawaii Goodies on etsy and use it for my packaging, as well as some fabric washi tape made by Lemonystitch on etsy. I showed you how I make my own fabric tape HERE.

The orange jute twine was a lucky find and I also got some in Aqua too so I use it to tie certain contents together in side the package. I use plenty other labels and fun supplies when packaging your items and no package is ever sent the same.
My goal it to try to keep the outside of the envelope or package pretty plain to avoid them from getting stolen. I want them to arrive to you safely. I've seen plenty of packages that are all decorated and fancy, but I don't make mine too eye catching or bulky. I know the post office machines can snag and rip them open during processing. I've had the bad fortune of that happening to things I've ordered.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

hemming a knit shirt with a double needle, plus a shop restock

The extra pouches from my Christmas in July sale are now stocked in the etsy shop. Thank you everyone who purchased one or two. It's nice to have a little sale every so often on IG with discounted prices, to show you I appreciate you.

Skirt- Old Navy
Earrings- Nickel and Suede
Zipper pouch- edeenut

I try to be cautious when ordering shirts online, especially when I'm not sure of how a size small will fit. Usually a size small fits me, but the shoulder seam is not where I like it to hit me. I have broader shoulders so I like to order up a size, to make sure the shoulders fit. Then I take in the side seams to get the right fit. With this Hello Apparel shirt I ordered a medium. The medium turned out to be huge. It was so long but the shoulders fit. To make the rest of the shirt fit me, I took in about 1" on each side seam, and then I chopped off about 2" to make it shorter. Using my double needle, I finished up with a nice hem.
This fabric is super soft and I love the floral Hello on front. I ordered another shirt at the same time in a different style for my 14 year old. His is medium and it fits he perfectly with no altering needed.